War Card Game

This card game called War is played by two players using the standard deck of 52 cards. The main objective of the game is to obtain a higher value of a card rather than to your opponent and to win all the cards.

The Rule

The cards will be shuffled and the two players will be given 26 cards each, all faced down. Simultaneously, the cards will be turned over, one by one. The higher card between the two players win.

If a tie occur in the middle of the game, the two players will show three faced-down cards and one face up card. The player with the higher value takes ten cards. If ever another tie comes, additional cards will be turned face up until one player wins.

Online War Rule

In terms of online war game, place you bet first on your desired amount and select 'deal'. The player and the dealer will both receive one card, face up.

Surrender button as its literal meaning, the player will surrender as his hand has ended and half of his bet will be returned.

War button means that the bet will be doubled. The WAR is about to begin. The player and the dealer will be dealt three cards, face down. If the player has the higher final face-up card value than the dealer, then the player wins. Otherwise, the dealer gets the winning. In case the you get a tie, the game will automatically declared as push and the bets will be return to the player.

Card Values

2-10 - Face Value (meaning 1 is 1, 2 is 2 and so on)

Jacks - 11 (eleven)

Queens - 12 (twelve)

Kings - 13 (thirteen)

Aces - 14 (fourteen)