Treasure Nile Video Slots

Wanna experience an all Nile River adventure with Egyptian treasure hunting and pyramid searching? Why not play an Egyptian themed progressive Video Slots by Microgaming software with 5-reels and 9 paylines, the Treasure Nile. This ancient mystery style game is covered with golden graphics, magnificent sounds and outstanding jackpot prizes running for over ten years in the record.

Lets start the Nile adventure as we put 9 coins with $0.50 as its fixed coin size. Meaning the maximum amount of coins you can bet is $4.50. The progressive jackpot starts at $40,000 and keep on increasing until one lucky winner comes along and take the prize.

Treasure Nile Classic Symbols

Feel the ancient Egyptian way of living as you chase different amazing symbols. Like the Golden Pyramid, the sacred Scarab Beetle and what-you-must-get Pharaoh. Together with these three amazing symbols to reach the jackpot, also give importance to the golden Sphinx, an Anubis, an Ankh, the Boat, the Cobra, the Necklace, a Pillar, a Scroll and some wheat symbol. Also, there are still our top card symbols, the King, the Queen, the Jack and Ten. All of this symbols can make 35 winning combinations along with the scatter symbol.

Treasure Nile Wild, Scatter and Jackpot Symbol

Treasure Nile Progressive Video Slots will not take to to the historical world of Egyptians for nothing. You will explore the Nile River with the best look after symbols in every video slots. The Wild, Scatter and Jackpot symbols.

In Treasure Nile, the Wild symbol is the Golden Pyramid. Like any other wild symbol, it can replace all symbols in the game except for the Scatter symbol and Jackpot symbol to complete winning combos.

The Scatter symbol in the game is the Scarab Beetle symbol. Get three or more of this scatter symbol to trigger their unique feature called 'Scatter Pay' where you can win what's on the pay table. Getting scatter symbols will multiply your payout. For example, five scatter symbol is 50x, four symbols is 10x and three symbols for 5x.

Since you're playing a progressive game, winnings are shown in credits, not in coins and you must be aware of that. In Treasure Nile you must keep an eye for the Pharaoh - the key to our jackpot prize. Get 5 Pharaoh to win progressive jackpot only if it is lined up on the 9th payline. The highest jackpot prize eve won in Treasure Nile is $520,625.09.

Treasure Nile Payouts

Its a total no-no to win nothing at Treasure Nile. So, if you're not lucky enough to get and complete the Wild, Scatter and Jackpots symbols, don't worry cause there are still eight symbol to make you you win. Though the Pharaoh is the Jackpot symbol, you can't just hit the jackpot by getting five of it especially when its not on the 9th payline, but still it can earn you 6,000. Secong to the highest you can get is 3,000 bu having five Sphinx. Get five Anubis for 1,500, five Ankh for 1,000 and five Necklace for 600. To be followed by small winnings yet can get you extra credits. Five Cobra for 500, five scroll for 150, five Pillar for 120, five Boat for 100 and five Wheat for 60.