The Slot Machine is one of the most common gambling machines used both in actual and online casinos. In the UK, it is known as a fruit machine while in Australia they are called Pokie machines. In 1899, Liberty Bell was the first slot machine developed by Charles Fey. Fundamentally, this is the same gambling machine we know today which features three or more reels spinning when a button is pushed. From these physical slot machines, online casinos now boast Online Slot Games which are easily accessible via the Internet and can be played from the home, office or even on mobile phones. Slots are one of the most popular games in online casinos and their popularity increases daily.

How to play Slot Machines

Online slots come in a number of variations including Straight, Progressive and Bonus Game slots. The easiest to play with is the Straight slots which payout on the standard pay table and don't offer much surprises. Compared to straight slots, players usually preferred Progressive slots because its offer higher jackpots. Bonus slots on the other hand is a slot machine that offers more games when players get a certain combination of symbols on the reel. These extra game give chances to win extra money for no extra bets. Following are the steps on how to play the Slot Machines.

  • Choose slot machine and select appropriate game to play
  • Select coin denomination (click special + / - buttons)
  • Select number of paylines (activate special payline indicators)
  • Click max button (this will activate the game slot)
  • Finally, check the pay table

If you win, this will automatically added to your cash balance. Have fun with slots and let your luck smile at you to win your game.

Slots Betting Options

In slots, players often give betting options to keep their game exciting and affordable. Here is the overview of online casinos betting options for slots.

  • Coin Amount � This is the most common slots betting options. It refers to the amount of coins that players put on each pay line.
  • Coin Size � This is the amount of money players wager on each coin in a slots game.
  • Pay Lines � This is the most popular betting option in slots. In here, instead of playing one pay line per spin, players could play 3 pay lines or more on a single spin.