The Reel Deal Slots

Just as in different t.v shows that we could probably watch every night is the famous game show, "Deal or No Deal?" , our very own lovely game, The Reel Deal is just exciting and fun as same way as the famous game show! The Reel Deal Slot Machine is one of the popular types of slot machines in slot tournaments and no wonder that it was the game chosen to be in third round of the 2009 Summer Slots Series that took place between August 1 - 31, 2009.

A fun game in town, with its 5 reels and 20 pay line have free spins, wilds, and an awesome bonus round like the famous 'Deal or No Deal?' game show! The Reel Deal slot game basically same as the famous game show does a the player accepts (deals) or refuse to the bankers' offer (no deal).

Reel Deal slots offer different variety of bonuses, free spins, wild symbols, bonus rounds, and many more. The Gold bar in the game signifies the wild symbols which substitutes for all other symbols but scatter and bonus symbols. The Red Button, which is typically for the player, is the scatter symbol and 3 or more scatters awards 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier. A sure win it is for the player himself/herself. While in free spin mode, Free spins can be re-triggered if the player wish to!

As stated before, the Gold Case is a bonus symbol that only appears at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels, and if three symbols on any active payline will trigger the bonus round. Want to know the fun part in playing the game? During the game, a what so called "The Reel Deal slots bonus game" is where you will definitely enjoy and have fun. Here, you will be taken into a bonus screen where there are 25 different dollar amounts listed from left to right of your screen which is from smallest amount (left) to the largest amount (right). In the middle of the screen, you will see 25 gold cases which contains the dollar amounts listed on your dollar amounts screen. The larger you put on a bet, the larger your chance of winning a larger dollar amount. During this, you are given chances to choose 1 of the 25 cases which you think contains the jackpot prize, or the largest dollar amount. The cases you have chosen will be set aside and will be opened after you have opened all the remaining cases.

Now here's the deal. Your objective -- to open cases which you think contains small dollar amounts. Every round you'd be dealing with different offers to buy your chosen case, and offers you an amount based on the remaining amount of cases left. The farther you go on, as long as you opened to eliminate the small dollar amount cases, you will be offered again and again with larger offers. During this every round and offers, you are given a decision -- to accept the offer, which means, you accept the offer in buying your chosen cases , or reject the offer and continue to play. Until you get the chance to open your chosen case.

The Reel Deal slots bonus offer will get larger as long as you have the large numbers still in play. But be warned, you could have all the large numbers still on the board, reject the banks offer and the very next turn, wipe out all the large amounts. That means the banks next offer will be much less than the one you turned down.

After eliminating those you think are not worthy cases, as stated before, the last part of the game is the most exciting -- you get to open your chosen case. And luck will tell you if you have won, or not taken the offer.

Play now 'The Reel Deal' slot game and win as much as you want, play as you want, and have fun as you want!

Is it a DEAL? or NO DEAL?