Red Dog

Are your cards barking while at hand? Then get ready for Red Dog Poker game! The Red Dog is a game that will test your chances of luck, and definitely and skill. A variation of acey-deucy or 'in between'. While found in some land casinos, its fame has declined, although there are still many casinos that features it online. There have been other card-based game that people get confused of, because of their same name, but their rules are unrelated to the one I am telling here.

The deck used to play Red Dog is the standard 52 card game variety commonly used by other games too. It could be played only up to eight decks with an increasing number of decks decreasing the number of house edge. Each house edge begins at a certain high percentage with one deck, but falls to a lower percentage when eight decks are already at use unlike other casino card games like blackjack.

Also known as Acey-Deucy, it uses just three cards drawn from six (or eight occasionally) packs of cards. Aces are high while suit is irrelevant. An ante is paid and then two cards are dealt face up. A wager is placed and two cards are placed face up upon the table. Thereafter, there would, and might be possible outcomes.

First is that, if the cards are in consecutive manners, (6-7 , 4-5), it should be push and the player's wager is then returned. Second is if two card is of equal value, a third card will be dealt and that the third card is still of the same value, then there would be pay out of 11:1, otherwise the hand is at push. And lastly, if the above two never happened in case, the player himself has the option to double his bet on the game. But, if the third card value falls between the first two, the lucky player will be able to get a payoff depending on the spread. Or in other instances, the bet given will be lost.

Red Dog Strategies

Strategies come to mind wen we play pokers, especially red dog. We should really know it's basic. And aside from these, is experience. Red dog does not offer favorable odds to player in comparison with other game of chances that we know on casinos. A simple strategy would be helpful if you know what when to do it. That a player must only give raises only when a spread statistically favored him/her which is as 7 cards or more.

And I'm telling you this, if you want to be a master of card games, you better get ready yourself to start at a Red Dog Poker game. A game not only of chance but of skill and simple thinking. There have been many casino online nowadays that offer Red Dog because it's popularity on land casino have already declined. You can actually start playing one at our recommended casino sites. So hurry and grab your chance of playing, the Red-Dog-Poker. Goodluck!