Poker Dice

Poker Dice: Maybe you are confuse why is it called poker dice. Literally speaking, it really means it what it says. Poker in the game of dice. Instead of having number pips, the dice used have representations of playing cards on them. It has six sides like the typical dice, with each side with an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and also form a poker hand.

A classic poker dice is actually played played with 5 dice on the table. Each player has a total of three rolls each and that each of them has the ability to hold dice in between rolls. And after the three rolls, the one with the best hand wins.

There is no denying that poker dice is the most prestigious casino game that every casino lover and player joins to. As the most popular table games introduced to many of the casino players and other mankind, proof of its fame is that many variations has been introduced to off the regular game. And as a somewhat 'offspring' of the well known poker, it has been played widely and mostly on land and online casinos everywhere.

As you are thinking, yes, poker dice is played with the same goal as poker does. Each player need to get the best hand to win the game. But the process of the game is to throw a set of five dice that are characterized (as what I have described earlier) But with limitations when it comes to the dice itself, it cannot form all hands though. But still, the objective is to have the highest and best hand to win the game. You can bluff, plan a strategy, or think how to throw your dice in a way that you think you could win, any of these can be. Just like the poker. You can hold you dice between rolls, and do exactly like you usually play the poker.

Poker dice representations are only limited, as i have said earlier. That only high ranking cards from 9 to Ace are the only ones included in the dice game. The pay out difference between the regular poker game and poker dice is that unlike the regular poker, poker dice reveals a several sets of rewards and credits that can be won by the players for every bet they place.

If you are one lucky person and really love to play a dice game but with a mix of poker experience, then this is what fits you. Since poker dice is purely a dice game with a principle of poker excites the game itself. Its rules may seem very simple telling you that it is merely based on luck, then think again. Though luck is what you need, there are chances that you can also use your own skill. There are actually special rule on poker dice that test your skill as to playing poker. For a player can select a dice of he is not satisfied with the outcome, given the chance to throw the dice gain atl east twice in every turn. And lastly, you cannot turn down throwing a dice when it is your turn.

So what are you still waiting for? Try your luck now and play the excitement of a dice game mix up with poker spice! Poker Dice!