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Zynga Poker Hacker Sentenced Two Years of Imprisonment

Being caught last 2008 for hacking a local government network and being sentenced for 40 week, Ashley Mitchell seems not to learned his lesson. He was a Briton of 29 years of age who was sentenced to prison by Exeter Crown Court due to hacking incident again. Recently this week, Ashley hacked and abducted worth $12 million of virtual chips from Zynga. Known worldwide is Zynga Poker – a Poker gaming community played in networking sites. Due to his previous case, breaching of contract, his imprisonment had an additional of 30 more weeks.

To be more clear, the Zynga chips cannot be converted to money. Though, Mitchell earned $12 million. It happened when he stole 400 billion  virtual poker chips and sell it to Zynga players on the black market. He was selling the chips at some price lower than the face value of it. He was able to get $300,000 if he sold $86,000 worth of stolen chips if he hadn’t got caught. This virtual chips is seems nothing but can be a real lot money.

According to Mitchell’s lawyer, Ben Darby said that his client is suffering from gambling addiction. Mitchell was spending mostly £1,000 on online casinos and poker rooms every time he plays. The prosecutor of the case, Mr. Gareth Evans stated that the Zynga chips turned into some currency is in-game based only. The company’s revenue doesn’t eventually got affected by Mitchell unlike how other thefts affect some company. Because it is online “money” only, they can always recreate some. Nevertheless, the company can still loss customers through hacking. Mitchell was pleaded guilty after the hearing.

Adding to the news, Judge Philip Wassal declared to Mitchell, “You used a considerable amount of expertise, through software you bought, to hack into their computer system. The means by which you gained access through their security showed elaborate research and a lot of persistence. The time you must have spent doing this must have been considerable.”. Through this statement coming from a Judge, Mitchell definitely knows what he was up to. He studied the process, adopted it and accomplished it. Good thing is, he got caught. Aside from this, the Judge also added, “People rely on computer systems. Anyone who has managed to get into these systems for their own ends should expect a stiff sentence.”.

Hacking is an unhealthy way of living. Computer systems are important to everyday living. Online gaming and company like Zynga provides quality gaming experience, like online Poker.

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