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WSOP Opener Marks Big Win for Veteran Online Poker Reporter

The Casino Employees Championship is part of the WSOP event or World Series of Poker. The event started early morning on a Friday and it immediately yielded a big winner when Chad Holloway claimed his $84,915 cold cash prize with his first ever WSOP bracelet. A native of Reedsburg, Wisconsin, Holloway is a 30 year old writer and reporter of the all time favorite table game. He is currently employed at PokerNews where he started his work in 2004. The poker reporter has been covering poker stories and reporting poker tournaments. He is consistently on the road to provide poker news from all over the globe.  Holloway went to Vegas as an editor and floor reporter for the even and little did he know that it would be a great and pleasant day at work.

In an online interview, Holloway stated “I recalled countless situations during poker games when people become too aggressive, making them commit their mistake. They push with the wrong hands. I in turn was patient and kept my composure, all the while remembering the mistakes I’ve witnessed other players committed in the past years.” All his wise moves eventually paid off when he finally won the first prize for the poker tournament. Holloway finished his degree at the University of Wisconsin and later pursued his graduate studies in Tulane University, New Orleans. Four years past, his infatuation with poker started and he has played and written about his table game ever since. It was a surreal experience for Holloway since as a media man he was never on the podium, only with the rest of the media people covering the poker events.

Since 2000, the Casino Employees Championship is the launching event for WSOP tournament. It is one of the most awaited prime poker events or tourney which is accessible and open only to dealers in a real time basis. Employees in a bookmaking property are eligible to join the event and win big cash prizes. The tournament is eventually made a part of the WSOP event to show tribute to the dedicated personnel and professionals working for the Internet gaming industry.

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