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World Series of Poker Europe in France This 2011

The WSOP (World Series of Poker Europe) , after five years of having the famous Poker event and earning respect in Las Vegas, has finally decided for a change.

This 2011, WSOP will be held in one of the biggest online gambling markets in the gambling industry, France. In an effort to get more players  and supporters to their side, they have expanded the amount of tournaments that they will be handling from now on, nearly doubling the amount of available tables for these tournaments this 2011. A clear sign of how the well known series has gone so far.

Casinos Barriere de Cannes Croisette and Hotel Majestic Barriere is the selected casinos where the said event will be held. With a total of seven tournaments that will be offered by players, which was two more than the ast years tournament. Mitch Garber of Caesars Interactive Entertainment said “This is a unique agreement between two casino leaders with great brands.” Adding that “Lucien Barriere Hotels & Casino is a well-run organization and we are excited to work with them to access the French market with high-quality and reputable poker events both in their hotels and casinos, and online with”

While having events in France, the WSOP will still be conducting different events in Las Vegas, with over 50 tournaments and bracelets being given out.  The most talked tournament that will be held in Las Vegas is the creation of the 250 person Head’s-Up event which now feature not only professional players but also anyone who could and want to play and join the event.

The WSOP event will still be in the same format as it was during its past events. Main event will be played until a final table is reached. And as we know, when the final tale is determined, play will then stop and the participants of the game will have a few more months off before completing the tournament in Las Vegas.

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