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Top 5 Video Poker Variations

Video Poker is one of the most enticing casino games that online gamblers can ever have while playing at their favorite online casino site. The game is played with the same rules as online poker does, but the only difference is that the players’ opponent is the game machine and the house edge. Video Poker is played in casino game machines just like slot machines. The aim of the game is to reach the best hand possible, depending on the game variation of video poker. There are actually five most popular video poker variations. This variations are the most played video poker casino game and to give you a shot of how to play these games, here are they:

Aces And Faces Video Poker. A video poker variation which is based on the game Jacks or Better. The only difference of this to Jacks Or Better is their payout table. There are no wild card in the game, and that it has an increased payout of 4 when J-L is being switched with 2-4. >> Aces and Faces Review <<

Deuces And Joker. Another video poker variation based from the standard Jacks or Better video poker game. The difference of the game to Jacks or Better is that it has 2 cards, mainly the Deuces and the Joker. It contains a total of 53 card deck. The joker is the wild card of the game and that is its difference to other video poker variation. >> Deuces And Joker Review <<

Deuces And Wild Video Poker. One of the best known video poker variation is the Deuces Wild Video Poker. In other games which has no wild card, this Deuces Wild actually contains 4 wild card at the deck. It offers many strategies which players can try out during game plays. There are optimal strategies that players can try too, as well a their own unique strategy in playing. >> Deuces And Wild Review <<

Double Joker Video Poker. Among the most popular video poker variation in the online gambling world is the Double Joker Video Poker. The game has 54 cards on the deck. It has 2 wild card, namely Joker cards. The aim of the game is to have a better hand ranking than your opponent or the video poker machine. You can make different strategy options and tactics to make your sure win on the game. Just make sure you don’t hit with the Jokers at hand. >> Double Joker Video Poker Review <<

Jacks Or Better Video Poker. Jacks Or Better Video Poker is among the oldest living video poker variation on the online gambling world. It was released by Microgaming and played with 52 cards at deck. With a regular five card draw poker, players can either discard or keep any card at hand. >> Jacks Or Better Review <<

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