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Top 5 Online Slots Games

And presenting, the Top 5 online slots everyone is waiting for! Let us show you what these online slots got on their sleeves, the reason why you have to try these, and the reason why you have to stick playing with these exciting games!

Brace yourself as you read our Top 5 online casino slots ranking them from Top 5 to Top 1!

5. Naughty Ninja Slots
Naughty Ninja Slots is a very awesome online slot game that has 5 reels, 25 pay lines, with a maximum bet of $250.00 for every spin and the minimum is $0.01. It accepts maximum of 25 coins, with a maximum jackpot of 2,000 coins! The reason why it is on our top5 rank!

4. Shaaark! Video slots
Shaark! Video slots is one if the Vegas Technology Software games that offers a large amount of jackpots.. With its 5 reels, and 25 pay lines, there is nothing you should search for more on this game. Its maximum coins accepted is 250.00, with its own Autoplay feature. Its jackpot prize is 4,000 coins, with a second jackpot of 1,000 coins. The Software used, its easy to understand game features, graphics and sounds, theme, concept, betting options, jackpots, are all scored, resulting to an overall score of 8.58/10 scoring, the reason it stays at number 4 rank.

3. Cash Caboose
Cash Caboose! Ranking third on our very own list of top slot games, Cash Cabooses’ jackpot prize is at 5,000 coins with 5 reels, and 25 pay lines. The game features a free practice mode for beginners and everyone else who wants to practice the game first and get used to it. Most online casino site offer Cash Caboose because of its great offers on the game.

2. California Gold
Want a mining game feature? Then California Gold is here for you. Vegas Technology, their software provider, made the game itself a very popular online slot game on different online casino sites. With 5 reels, 25 pay lines, and a jackpot of about 5,000 coins, and a second jackpot of 500 coins. The game itself also offers an Auto play feature for everyone else to try out. With an over all scoring of 9.15/10, this game shall definitely make your day count! Go mining now for California Gold!

1. Cleopatra’s Pyramid
And on our Top1 on the list, Cleopatra’s Pyramid! With a stunning jackpot prize of almost 10,000 coins, plus a second jackpot of 1,000 coins too. Additional Autoplay features makes the game more exciting and more convenient. And much more, it ranked number 1 because of its overall scoring of 9.59/10! A round of applause for Cleopatra’s Pyramid!

And that is our Top 5 list of online casino slots everybody would be searching for! Enjoy and keep your stakes up as we continue to give you the best and latest update in the online casino industry!

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