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Top 10 Gambling Gifts

Giving gifts for your special someone needs no particular occasion. If you felt like giving and sharing, do not be afraid to do so. With the rapid growth of casinos and gambling as one of our major past time, why not try giving some gambling related gifts that is suitable for your gambler. Here are our Top 10 list for Gambling Gifts that you can probably give as a gift for your loved ones.

1. Vegas Trip for 2

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” What would be the sweetest gift for your gambler lover but a Vegas trip for two. Just the thought of spending a week at a casino playing with your lover is just a romantic way of giving Vegas a stay. With the lowest rate of Hotels everywhere, your lover will surely get surprised with the plane ticket you’ll give as a gift. So, grab your phone and book a trip to Vegas now.

2. Online Poker Bankroll

A Poker player would certainly know about the main person in World Series of Poker, John Racener. With $50 gift from his mother on an online poker account, he is now a millionaire. The gift is to create an account using your gambler’s lover name in the biggest internet poker room in the web. Give it to him with the amount you can give and let him play. Who knows? Your gift must be the start of his all the way luck.

3. iPhone app for Casino Lovers

And who doesn’t know what an iPhone is? If your lover or a friend owns an iPhone and a gambler, then the card-counting apps are whats best for them. There are plenty of for sale apps that you can buy at many app store. These applications are used for practicing purposes only and not for real casino. However, they will surely love this gift because it is helpful in boosting one’s capabilities in playing casino games.

4. Bob Dancer’s Video Poker for Winners

For video poker players, the best gift to give is Bob Dancer’s Video Poker for Winners. It is tutorial site  with a downloadable computer program that will teach how video poker can be beaten be humans. For only $49.95, your receiver can  learn almost everything about the best strategy for video poker of any kind. There is also a free trial, if you want to test the program before giving it as a gift.

5. PokerTek Heads-Up Challenge Table

The best gift for your lover and a friend that looks for a poker competition is PokerTek Heads-Up Challenge Table. It is a challenge for two poker players to deal with each other without the use of cards or chips. For someone who likes to host a poker tournament and someone who wants to play. The Heads-Up challenge would start the competition in a fair way.

6. Craps Table

Poker is not the only game our gambling friends loves to play. For your special someone whose addicted to Craps, why not surprise him/her with a craps table. If I were the receiver, I would totally get whacked with that gift and might hug my giver to the fullest. For a quality full-sized casino craps table you may look for the world’s famous Frank Scoblete’s Golden Touch Craps Web site. Buy it now and play with your loved-one.

7. Poker Chips

What is Poker without its poker table? How much more without poker chips? Yes, poker chips. Its just amazing to give someone you love that so into poker some nice set of poker chips. He/She will get mesmerized as he/she gets a real set of casino-quality poker chips. You can choose from  ceramic poker chips to clay poker chips or even for customized poker chips at the market. Look for them now and give it to your special someone.

8. Gambling Books

This gift is the easiest to give but really fascinating. Everybody loves reading, everybody loves having the thought of they know something. And when we talk about gambling books, there are wide varieties to choose from. First, you can look from Frank Scoblete’s book with huge collection about gambling, the popular Poker Bible and Doyle Brunson’s Super System 2. Aside from these books, give someone you love the best-selling gambling books you can find at every bookstore. A book as a gift is a total blast.

9. Playing Cards – the Plastic one

No doubt, your partner loves playing card games. Right? Well, who will  not? It is fun and exciting. But to give the best entertainment at card games, first, give your partner  some new plastic playing cards. It is better to play with rather than the paper cards. Grab them now before somebody give it to your love one before you.

10. Poker Tables

Now, with playing cards and poker chips on the list, it just doesn’t feel like areal card game unless you play it with a table. The last on our list is the poker table. We all know that everybody loves Poker, either they know how to play it or not. I promise you, for a poker player, he/she rather receive poker table than a dining table. One thank you will not be enough.

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