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Online Casino: Risk In Gambling

As the technology that’s keep on improving for our necessity, the world wide web has also a lot to offer. And the best entertainment that the web has is gambling. Online casino is indeed a very tempting pleasure. It’s either …
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Greece Giving Out 50 Online Gambling Licenses

Legalizing online gambling in a country is a very difficult obstacle to do since a government must take actions on how to control such gambling activities, how to limit, control, what law should be applied when they do legalize it, what are the effects and many more. But as new years eve came in and 2010 ends, Greece has proud on its feet to announce that they are legalizing online gambling in their own country.
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Online Gambling In Florida To Be Regulated In July

New Jersey’s legislator passed the legislation that they would legalize online casinos in the said state. Atlantic City casinos would operate the websites and the revenue will be split between the government and the casinos.
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