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Suspicious Slot Machines On Holland Casinos Under Investigation

We all love slots, especially online slots. And the only thing that matters for most of us is the prize and fun that we could get from it. Different online casinos as well as land-based casinos do offer their own slots, but next time we play slots, especially for slots enthusiast, we should take note of the fairness that these slot machines gives us to ensure not only our safety, but our money. This has been one of the issue that has passed Holland Casino in Netherlands for the past few days.

Their slot machines namely “Mega Millions”, have been suspected of being tampered, which may result into unfair results and winning to players. Just when the popular slots machines has paid out at about €1 Million as its top jackpot since the start of 2011. Just after having it’s seventh win, Holland Casino has suspected that the current wins might be a result of their slot machines being tampered, and so recalled all their machines all over the country, in over 161 casinos. After an investigation on all the slot machines, they have arrived at a conclusion that all the winnings are normal and the Mega Millions slots machines results were completely normal.

The investigation on these so-called “tampered slot machines” was when two women won the top jackpot on the slot machine within two days. This took place on April 16th and 17, when an old woman won the jackpot at a casino located in Rotterdam, and the next day when another woman won a jackpot again, which grew concern on part of the Holland Casino as its gaming regulator.

The slot machine has now been given back to it’s designated casinos all over the country, and the slot machine and gaming in the region is now back to normal. In the year 2009, they have also reported their slot machine Mega Millions to have paid out more than this year. Actions made by Holland Casino was to double the games maximum bet, making it more expensive to trigger the jackpot. Today, many are trying their luck to be one of the lucky individuals to win their slot machine top jackpot.


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