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South Africa Over Illegal Online Gambling

South African government has been into punishing illegal online gambling operators in their jurisdiction as well as payment processors involved. Because if the increasing rate in percentage of illegal operators in the said country, the South African government hopes to discourage such activities in their country so as to citizens who thinks this kind of activities are legal. The government of the said country gives punishment to those payment processors who allow this kind of activities within their place. But the method that they have thought about in fighting against this illegal operators have yet to prove itself.

According to a said report in “The Citizen Newspaper” at South Afirca, the National Gambling Board shows that this online gambling seems to be on the perfect and rapid, unexpected increase
in the whole of South Africa. Tlotliso Polaki of the NGB has showed in a study that these illegal operators are fooling their citizens that what they offer are legal services.

Such operators where encouraged by the South African government to block south african residents into accessing to their web sites, even when ironically seeing that the government has been seeing a profitable market for online casino operators at their place, they are reluctant into cutting out this valuable source of revenue.

The risks for illegal operators in the country that continue their business illegally are great. Since the government of the said country are reviewing and making ways to stop this illegal activities.
They have been in a persistent mood to accomplish this. As the National Gambling Board warns that if someone is caught engaging in this kind of activity, they will definitely be fined a total of 10 million rand, which is equals to $1 million US dollar, plus 10 years service in jail. And this includes payment processors who handle such transactions between online casino sites and players.

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