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Sharpening Your Knives At Online Poker

Online Poker is one of the mostly played game at online casinos. And because it is a skill game, it requires a lot of effort to be able to learn the basics, and basically win a game. For beginners, the only thing they need to learn at almost all cost, it the basic rules and strategies used in poker. But when it comes into real game, your own strategy matters. The basics may be fundamental, but at the middle of the game, survival of your cards and your mental focus will be determined. To further explain, being just an amateur poker player won’t take you to be an aggressive one. Aggressiveness is one of the tactics that professional poker players exhibits. The only reason why they fail is that they do become aggressive at times when it is needed, and becomes aggressive where they should not be.

Wrong level and timing of you aggression is already considered a big mistake in poker, especially when you play with a tight opponent. So in order to apply well your poker aggression skills, here are some of tips to sharpen your knives while playing either the traditional poker, or online poker.


Just as the game starts, be a little bit aggressive so that you can slip through the other players tactics or nasty card moves. If you really aim to win the pot, you should always start with aggressiveness, but always keep in mind that too much and not too much is bad. Be stable as you start, but with the right level of aggression.

Having a Good betting style

You should observe how your opponents place their bets, call small raises, checked, or folded. Analyze how they make their own bet during the game. One characteristic of an aggressive poker players it the ability to have a good betting style and position at almost every phase of the game. Good betting options are both the small and big blinds. This is because they go last on every game phase. Be able to make certain moves to accomplish two things : players fold, and other might get a thought that you have more credible chance on the pot, which you can make use of as an advantage over the others.

You have the greater stack

This means that you have more chips than the others. When you have more chips on the table, this means you have an advantage of being not too much aggressive than the first phases of the game. It also shows that you can make use of your chips as more like a bait or decoy to other players so that it would be critical for them to think on your bets. It also let’s you make your opponents to be more aggressive than their first moves. You could clearly see and observe their thoughts and tactics, since they have a smaller number chips, meaning they have a limited betting option.

You have a shorter stack

This means the other way around. When you have the short stack, it doesn’t mean that you already have a big disadvantage. It only means that you have to be more aggressive but careful on your next pattern moves to be able to beat the pot. You also have to take time when and where to be aggressive when you have the short number of chips at hand. This will give you more exciting game when you are the underdog.

The time that poker game initiates, all you can do is to mentally focus and shy away from your emotions during the game. Make your own moves first, and be aggressive if needed, less aggressive if not. Poker is not only a game of tactical skills, but also right timing and right choices.


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