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Russia’s Anti-Online Gambling Law on the Run

In Russia, once they say something is illegal, they really mean it. Just recently, the Russian Interior Ministry Police showed a sample of bombarding one of the biggest online casino in the country. Though there is no name to point out, it seems that they are pointing to Goldfishka Casino.

Goldfishka Casino is the biggest online casino operating in Russia which is powered by Microgaming software. The casino was owned by Fortune Lounge Group and was licensed on Kahnawake. Ms. Larisa Zhukova believed that there is a daily profit of 200,000 rubles or $7,000 in USD on the alleged casino. Ms. Zhukova is the Ministry’s representative to give information about the case. On the account of the Law, five employees along with the owner of the casino were found guilty of having “illegal business”. Based on Article 171, these six will be imprisoned for 5 years.

The allegations on Goldfishka Casino was determined through the information given by the Interior Ministry’s members. They said that the bombarded online casino offers more than 470 casino games, knowing that Microgaming is the only one to provide this numerous games at online casinos, the allegations will considered as facts. Interior Ministry officials has taken all the equipments of the said online casino along with the money that worth 27 million rubles or if converted in USD, 1 million. Also, the employees and workers were raided by the ministry.

The casino has been operating on Russia for more than ten years and for all of those years, money laundering became an issue. The Interior Ministry stated, “During its lifespan, hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit profits were laundered through foreign banks by use of complex financial manipulations. The now untraceable illicit profits were eventually invested with offshore companies.”. Meaning that the company is richer than they thought and the money, expenses cannot be shown now.

Though many of the said statements linked to Goldfishka Casino, it is still un-named by the Interior Ministry and just a speculation. Nonetheless, online casinos residing in Russia must be aware on this anti-online gambling law because the Russian Interior Ministry Police are not making a joke about this issue.

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