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Plumber from Mississippi is Big Winner at Fitz Casino & Hotel

A lucky player was hailed as one of the casino prime multimillion winners at Fitz. A 30 year old plumber from Southaven, Mississippi is the second big victor at the bookmaking property following its first ever millionaire winner in just less than a month. Christopher B is the lucky player and plumber who hit the grand prize and jackpot worth a whopping $3,031,092.23. He played the $5.00 progressive and statewide game Wheel of Fortune machine and Lady Luck was on his side. In an interview, the new millionaire from Mississippi is still clueless of what he would use his winnings for. Nevertheless, his immediate plans include celebrating with his family over a sumptuous dinner at the famous The Steakhouse also located at the Fitz.

Online reports about the first ever Fitz Casino millionaire was broadcasted last June 28th. In less than a month, the second multimillion victor was announced. Brunhilde C also won a million dollar jackpot and grand prize at the Fitz with the colossal amount of $8,316,562.59. She chose to play the Wheel of Fortune machine statewide progressive 25 cent game. Rick Casagrande, Fitz Executive Director of Marketing commented in an interview, “Although it is true that lightning never strikes the same exact place twice, it is never the case with winning the jackpots at the Fitz.” Casagrande further stated that the bookmaking property wishes all the best for the latest multimillion winner and that they are now looking forward to another next big victor at the Fitz.

The Fitz Casino and Hotel is one of the prime bookmaking properties in Tunica, Mississippi. Punters and bookmakers usually flock to711 Lucky Lane located in Tunica Resorts to experience high quality entertainment and advanced gaming ambiance in the property. The bookmaking venue received good feedback and comments from online and land based analysts and players. There are 1,200 slot machines in the Fitz on top of the 30 table games. There are standard favorites in the resort and the newest addition to their portfolio is the Fitzgerald slot products. The Fitz is home to non stop excitement from traditional to the most innovative games.

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