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Decreased Profits in Online Poker: Europe Not Affected

In America, where there is a growing war against the online poker gaming and the US government, the said gaming industry is earning lots of decreasing profit from US players.

Except Europe.

As the poker industry in America struggles, Europe’s online poker is flourishing across its regions. No doubt that it is making a very large profit and revenue from its players as it continue to grow over time. The industry experts predicted that online poker in Europe’s market will continue to increase not only in Europe, but all over the entire world. And even with the bad American news from the three online poker site that was prohibited in the US, the FullTilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker are the ones that most European players play into.

This is because of the three poker rooms opening of their own domains .eu and, allowing non-American players to still continue in accessing and playing in their accounts. Although with an argument that two of the poker rooms will be then left by many poker players, the fact that FullTilt and PokerStars are still the best and leading poker rooms in the online poker industry can’t be erased. They have been continuously providing the most advanced and sophisticated software for their players.

With this, both three of the poker sites still have remained a reasonable profit and increasing revenue from non-US players, and still expects a large positive outcome from players not located in the said American region.

Despite of the bad news and intriguing moves by the US government against online poker, it’s operators and players are still happy that it still thrives at different parts of the online gambling world.

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