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Online Casino Offered Sign-Up Bonuses

There are many choices when it comes to online casino. Whether you play at land-based or at online casino anywhere, anytime you want. Even if they have the same concept there’s always a competition among them. One of the reason why people engage in gambling is because of sign-up casino bonus offers. This can be used to attract visitors or to catch the attention of the people especially to those people who don’t are not yet familiar with casino games. Since every casino games have sign-up bonuses they have also terms and conditions to protect the casino from bonus hunters.

But sometimes, depositing the bonus needs some few requirements, before a player can cash out his/her bonus. Knowing that there’s always a sign-up bonuses is not enough. There is a difference between every casino site that offers a different sized bonus. Most of them offers 100% on the first deposit, but some casinos offers on your first bonuses as a welcome bonus.

The following are the list of bonuses offered by online casinos:

NO DEPOSIT BONUS – In no deposit bonuses, whether smaller and newer casinos offers a no deposit bonus the reason is they want to attract more players to their casino. This will tend to inform some newbies that they will not need to make a deposit at casinos and they can try out the game for free.

In general, a “no deposit bonus” ranges from $5-$20 which is not much. The advantages of this bonus is you can play some casino games and you can also try out the casinos before cashing your money. So here you are entitled to get a sign-up bonus using a “no deposit bonus”.

CASHBACK BONUSES – Usually this bonus pays only if the player has a net loss during the period of playing. Some cashback offers a refund percentage of money that you loss during the game, depending on how much you have loss will it depend on the cash refund that you will be getting.

MONTHLY CASINO BONUS – You have to get a certain amount of free chips to play with each month as long as you continue to play on their site. This is usually common among online casinos to keep your business with them.

CASINO BONUS CODES – In every casino site, you will find a list of all the casino bonuses at the right hand column of the site. It indicates the casino information about bonuses and how to claim it. They offer exclusive casino coupon codes for them to get a special promotion.

RELOAD BONUS – There’s an advantage if you’re already a player in the casino because reload bonus offered by online casinos are always available random times of the month. This bonuses ranges 20% – 50% and it reaches 100% at the time you play.

MATCHING BONUS / DEPOSIT BONUS – The casino will give you the matching bonus if you will open an account and add some funds to it. You will be surprise that your money can be doubled or tripled in size because of the bonus.

PERCENTAGE BONUS – Percentage bonus is the percentage of your deposit. If the online casino is offering a 50% percent bonus then you would receive an additional $200 for depositing $400.

REFER A FRIEND – This is designed to give a leg up to the casinos building a goodwill and a stronger customer base. A way of inviting people to join and play is a chance to add money to your account.

STICKY BONUS – This can be a good deal to a player as they can use their money in bonus accounts to bet as much as they like. This bonuses cannot be cashed out. This is usually used for aiming jackpots or just get a good amount as wins.

HIGH ROLLER BONUS – This is offered to players who spend large amounts of money at online casino sites, especially when it comes to large matching amounts. If you join this game be sure that you have a minimum amount that high rollers need to deposit in order to benefit from these bonuses.

FREE CASH BONUS – This bonus allows you to place free bets up to the amount of the bonus during sign-up. But the disadvantage of this bonus that is you are not allowed to cash the winning until you have paid the remaining deposit. The good thing is that newbies who are not familiar with the rules and regulations can used them as the stake money. So there’s always a chance that player can win real money using only this stake.

FREE PLAY BONUS – For the casinos that offers free plays, they give you a set of amounts to play with and gives you a chance to play one hour to win as much as you can up to the time limit. Once you’ve finished playing, whatever or how much you win and it is above the free $1000 is all yours. The advantage of the bonus is it can be a way to get on different casino games. You will never get worry of losing.

LOYALTY BONUS – This is a big opportunity for the long time gamblers playing casino and reaches various levels on playing. When you get to the top-level, you’ll be a part of their VIP status. More bonuses and the largest percentage they will receive.

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