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New Malta Gaming and Lotteries Authority Board Disclosed

Malta released its list of its new board for the Lotteries and Gaming Authority and this announcement garnered several reactions and triggered various comments and feedback. Online bookmaking public and business operators in Malta have expressed diverse thoughts and responses from the new announcement. According to the new news from the gaming board, Parliamentary Secretary of Malta, Hon. Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis, is the one tasked to choose and appoint the new board. The new set of board members for the Lotteries and Gaming Authority immediately takes effect as of appointment. The changes in the Malta gaming board and authority are indicative of turning a new leaf for its bookmaking industry.

There are various new faces in the board including Mr. Mario Galea, appointed chairman of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority. Other members of the lot also include Dr. Rachel Tua, Dr. Chris Cilia, Ms. Ruth Trapani Galea and Mr. Caesar Grech. It is worth noting that the brand new appointments basically see Mario Galea reappointed to the top position of the Maltese bookmaking scene. Mr. Galea’s absence in the casino industry and mainstream has been for a long five year period. He is the first ever appointed CEO of the commission. His work as Lotteries and Gaming Authority CEO took place in 2004 and 2008. He made unforgettable contributions to the bookmaking industry including the launch of the Remote Gaming niche and the creation of its regulations. He also helped establish the country as the most respected and largest jurisdiction for Internet gaming in a global scale.

According to the appointing officer, Dr. Zammit Lewis, it is the aim and objective of the Maltese government to increase and strengthen the Internet gaming industry in Malta. This plan on the virtual gambling industry is to be set and applied both originally and strategically. The 18 year experience of Mr. Galea specifically in the gaming world and his work as a consultant of one of the prime gambling firms in the United States made him more than qualified for the job. The newly reappointed CEO expressed his delight for his return to the LGA.

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