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New Jerseys’ Online Gamblers to wait for Governors Signature

Patiently waiting for the Governors’ signature over the legislation of online gambling in their region, the New Jersey is now up to allowing online casinos in their jurisdiction.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey is up to signing the passed bill into New Jersey which have been passed recently. The New Jersey Senate and Assembly passed such legislation with no problem at all, but the said governor of New Jersey is weighing such pending law. He stated that signing such bill has gave him political pressure that comes along at the ground breaking bill. Whether or not he can handle the situation, the governor is stuck in the decisions and directions that may come along in the pending law.

Gaming analyst Steve Schwartz said in an interview, “If Governor Christie signs the law, he would gain the support of millions of online gamblers across the US, and that would help him if he ever decided to run for a higher office.” He also add that “On the other side, Christie could lose some key supporters within his own party if he signs the legislation, so he may take as much time as needed to figure out his next political move.”

The New Jersey State has been in a constant reeling from the loss of their millions of revenue coming from Atlantic City casinos that have been hit hard by the known global recession, affecting their own economy. It has been studied that when online gamblers with their online casinos are allowed to offer their services in the region, that would result into a high income of millions of dollars from casinos, estimated at over hundreds of millions of dollars and could be added to the state budget from tax revenue.

Lawmakers in other regions are watching closely to what result may come along at the said political issue in New Jersey, but they are concluding that, if such pending law has been signed, Florida may be the next state to allow Internet Gambling in USA.

Legislators in Florida is early discussing the possibility of allowing pari-mutual facilities to offer online poker gambling. The lawmakers are hopeful that if the said law is passed, online poker rooms will be opened in early July.

Governor Chris Christie will be heading out in Atlantic City to sign another legislation that would help in changing the gaming industry in AC. The Governor is also pushing for an answer on how he will be able to control and make use of the said pending online gambling bill.

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