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New 3D Slots Game At Microgaming Online Casinos

Being one of the oldest software provider in the growing online gambling industry, has now released it’s first ever 3D Slots game. It can be remembered that Microgaming did announced earlier this year that they are going to release a 3D Slots game. As the company slots developer has finally launched the most awaited first ever 3D Slots at their casinos, the Sterling Silver has already taken it’s step into the online gambling world. The game features the same 3D feeling that people could experience at watching 3D movies. The players will also need to wear special glasses to be able to create the 3D gaming experience on their Sterling Silver Slots game. Those online casinos under Microgaming will definitely provide their players the needed eyewear to be able to experience the said innovation of gaming at Microgaming casinos.

One of the first online casino to introduce the new slot version Sterling Silver was the Jackpot City, where it has already earned quite a popularity across the web. It has been described by players to have a super realistic feature. The online casino has also stated that the said game was a very highly-innovative gaming creativity in creating an ambiance through the 3D technology. The olde 2D version of the slots has reportedly earned many fans before, but because of this new released version of the game, it will definitely gain more fans and attention, especially from slots enthusiasts.

The 3D Technology has vastly contributed not only in movie theaters but also in the online gaming world. Many experts says that in the upcoming years expect more companies to be releasing their own version of 3D technology applied at their own games, making the competition among online casino operators and owners more tight.

But what really is 3D Technology?

3D Technology has already come a long way since it’s first inception in 1838, where a Sir Charles Wheatstone discovered on how to produce such 3D effect. The 3D Technology allow its viewers not only to see the 2 side dimension of what they watch, but also the third side dimension of an object being pictured. This allows also a more interactive scene between the viewer/player and the game or movie itself. The main core of why online gambling has brought 3D technology to its platform is to maximize its capability in bringing out the best entertainment it could give to all online players, especially at online casinos.

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