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Mobile Gambling: What To Expect This Year

Mobile Gambling is one of the largest gaming industry in the market. Other than the online gambling industry, where different online casinos and software providers compete, there is also an increasing number of mobile gamblers and users in the said industry of gaming. And being the next trend for mobile entertainment, the number of companies making investments on these market has increased largely over the past few years of it’s inception to the world. They have invested more on smartphones and tablet computers because of it’s potential in the recent market. With the release of different mobile applications and as more developers continue to make newer innovations, there is a non-stop demand from the consumers all over the market industry.

This year, many will be expecting developers to use an HTML 5 coding language, allowing them to create more vivid flash contents with html scripts. This will also allow company developers to make more flashier and fancier games to offer their customers. Most of these developments is used on browser-based apps, wherein the online casino developers must deal with on Apple customers in the whole market. Another trend to expect this 2011 is the Android OS, which has reported to take almost half share of the whole market industry in mobile gaming, the largest ever in its history. Even though the release of the iPad2 and the iPhone 5 was a great deal to consumers, the Android OS is still the most anticipated brand as of this year. It has catch a great attention from a larger percentage of mobile gamers. Other than that, the social media is also making it’s moves in creating a newer environment and the advantage of having social games available not only on computers, but also on mobile communications devices.

There is no doubt that the companies have further discovered new ways to improve not only the gaming industry, but also the social media to affect their own market. This is almost like an “unstoppable” steps in the online gambling industry as online casinos emerge as well. And no one will be able to predict what would be next to this continuous growth.


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