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Madrid To Hand Out Their First Online Casino Licenses

As the demand for online casino legislation at different countries worldwide increases, many have already succeeded their plans, while some have still more things to accomplish and refurbish to be able to completely legalize the growing online gambling industry.

In Madrid, Spain, they have now successfully legalize online gambling in their jurisdiction. They have already made preparations to hand-out licenses to those wanting to be a legalize online gambling body in the said region.

The said news has been published into the public when Spain’s newest online gambling law has been passed by its governing bodies. It was rumored by most that the actual passing of the said bill was in May 17, but it was agreed to be publicly announced after their election to avoid unnecessary reactions that may emerge.

Casino Gran Madrid, one of the largest land-based casino in Spain, has now become to take its step forward in the Internet as an online casino. They are now going to operate as an online casino as they start to make preparations in getting a license to operate and offer their much awaited service.

Their website is expected to launch in the upcoming weeks, as the owners and operator, and the software provider meets-up to make plans on how are they going to handle their platform online.

The software provider of the said casino site will be powered by Playtech, one of the leading online casino software provider in the industry. The player management is expected to be provided by MediaTech Solutions, a company trusted and well-known company in Spain.

The casino is also expected to offer casino games like poker, slots, roulette,and black jack. Although it is still on the process of improving its visibility online, Spanish online gamblers will be anticipating their casino launch with more exciting things to wait for.

Juts before the online casino sites’ launching, they will make beta testing shortly to make sure the site is good to go and that it is ready to enter the online casino world.

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