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Land Owners Cannot Give Permission

When you look at the out there, many of them are tribal casinos. However, in order to get a tribal casino up and running, many times they have to jump through hoops that non tribal casinos do not have to. There are many that think that it is unfair for the tribes to have to work so hard to get up and running considering our past with them, and that the least we can do is give them casinos when we did take their land. Others say that this is all in the past and that the tribes should not be able to open casinos for they do not give any money to the state in which they are in except in certain compacts that are signed.

Marcella Giles and Wynema Capps of Tulsa,Oklahoma, are obviously of the former opinion for they have prime land that they are offering the Kialegee Tribal Town for the construction and operation of the Red Clay Casino that they are looking to open. The site would be in Broken Arrow and the two women that have given them permission to use the land are now in a battle with the Bureau of Indian Affairs where they say that there are many more steps that need to be taken before they can move forward.

With anti casino activists breathing down their neck the BIA then released sensitive documents to the press, thus angering the women even more – who are now considering suing the BIA for their breach of confidentiality. There is no talk of how it is going to end up for the casino or this prime real estate, but you can be sure some one is not going to be happy.

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