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Jawfish Games Makes Major Upgrade to Mobile Gaming

An incredibly fast and smooth multiplayer gambling game is the number one requirement for online casinos. This is especially true for those who are expanding its offerings to mobile gaming. However, it can be very challenging for a game developer to achieve such considering the snail like data transfer speeds in the U.S. on mobile networks. Good news is that this will no longer be a problem as Jawfish Games has found a way to make it work without a hitch. This is perhaps among the signatures of Jawfish as there are no other app developers who can do the same as theirs.

Jawfish is a Seattle based company that brought the Match Up! game to the iTunes App Store with the help of Big Fish Games. Apple has featured the game on its App Store which impressed a lot of major game publishers, leaving them wanting to do the same, but they just couldn’t. Jawfish’s specialty is creating free casino games for mobile phones where players can play live tournaments. Jawfish allows players to play against 16 friends all at once through its Mahjong mini games, Match 3 or the app’s Word.  At present, about six million tourneys have already been created and played by hundreds and thousands of players. Every user comes back and plays in an estimated time of 35 minutes.

According to Jawfish’s CEO, Phil Gordon, the games they offer are very simple and in real time. With this, a lot of players enjoy games with live tournaments that happen all at once. Gordon claims that this is what players have been looking forward to in gambling for free on mobile.

With the success of Jawfish games, the firm decides to create their own games. This includes the Jawfish Words and Jawfish Poker that are in beta testing now. In the near future, these titles will also be accessible to devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire tab. Additionally, the firm aims to take the same games to the iOS platform under its own brand.

Gordon is himself a professional poker player. In fact, he was one of the brains together with the engineers who built the now defunct Full Tilt Poker. Before FTP was even involved with some federal law violations, it was widely popular until its operations were ceased in April 2011. Since then, the US government has ultimately changed its stance towards gambling online. Although it was found guilty, FTP went back to action last November under its former rival now turned owner Poker Stars. Meanwhile, Gordon’s team took separate paths and moved on.

Gordon explained that the technology was impossible 18 months ago. However, with the existence of 4G data on smartphones, it is easy. Gordon added that the bandwidth costs less than $20 even with more than a million tourneys, the platform runs on the Amazon Web Services. Thanks to the Cloud computing services as it made all of these a breeze unlike the technology some years ago.

Gordon is as well proud to be the very first game maker to take real time free gambling. He understands that it can be a very annoying experience to sit around and wait for a long time before the opponent makes a move. Real time is the only solution to this. However, no one has ever dared to do it – only Jawfish did.

Jawfish initially made a deal with Big Fish Games, but now it is working to become a publisher. Match Up! has brought name, fame and incredible number of fans to Big Fish. In fact, it was ranked number one in the Free Casino games category on US iPad charts following its launch. Big Fish Games’ vice president, Chris Williams, there has been exceptional engagement from players every 30 minutes. About five million tourneys were recorded in few weeks only.

Jawfish has certainly made a lot of major upgrades to free casino gambling. Players are looking forward to real money gaming, but it is unclear yet if the firm is planning to take on this path. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know that it is highly possible for real time gaming and live tourneys to be played on mobile devices without the lags and the hassles.

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