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Jailbroken Devices Not Suitable for Mobile Casinos

iPhone, iPad, smartphones and new generation mobile devices have become the prime online casino device today. This is because it takes the gambling world right at the palm of your hands. With these gadgets on hand, anyone can play at sites like wherever and whenever. However, reports say that there are about 7 million Apple users that use jailbreaking software such as Cydia to bypass the App store. Many mobile gamers may not see the repercussions of doing so, but Apple has already warned its users to avoid such methods. This is because it does not only pose harm to the device but also to the users.

Jailbreaking of Apple devices is the process of using a hardware or software to root access to the iOS operating system. This method allows the owners to download applications and extensions that are not available in the Apple’s official App store. Just recently, professional jailbreakers were able to apply the same method to the updated iOS 6 operation system. Apple highly discourages these operations. Unfortunately, millions have already using it including some casino online players. Apple explained that the iOS has been designed to be more reliable and secure. Its prime features can protect the device against viruses and malware. It also protects all personal information that is being stored in there.

Online casino prime players should do away with this upgrade. It is important that they are extremely careful with all the apps they are using. This is especially true when it is a third party app. This is mainly because the jailbroken devices that are downloaded with apps that come from unsecure sites make the device more prone to being hacked. Most mobile casino gamers keep their personal data on their phone including their bank accounts and passwords to their casino online account. All these can be accessed easily by hackers without their knowing. It is always best to choose a reputable mobile app and site to play casino at. These apps should be accessible to users without having to do the jailbreaking. Today, there are already a lot of mobile casino apps from trustworthy gaming provides such as the Jackpot City Mobile, All Slots, the Royal Vegas and many others.

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