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Grand Slam Slots Tournament Ready To Go

In the game of online slots, many have tried to win as much as they can by trying their best and testing their luck. And for all the hopefuls out there who wishes to win an amazing large prize money on slots, then this is where you should belong.

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The Microgaming Company is now at the tournament again. As they are the one to hold the game, starting from May 27 to June 6. After that, qualifiers will begin to play for the million a few days on March 14. And because Microgaming is the one that is going to held the said tournament, those who wants to join could choose on how be a part of it at a wide range of Microgaming casinos. One of the famous online casino under the Microgaming Company is the All Slots Casino. There, qualifiers could join for free and that they are all given chances to reach their final event and win their aspiring millions dollar prize.

This year 2011, as the said tournament is ready to begin, the said top prize would double the value of the 2009 grand prize tournament. It is worth $2.43 million in gold bullion with an additional $290 000 with the top 290 players of the slot tournament.

The main course of the game will be the Thunderstruck II, which garnered a great deal of attention from players and its critics. With almost 243 ways to win, the Thunderstruck II is going to make its place in the tournament play in this year World Grand Slam Of Slots.

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