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Gambling Winnings Taxed by South African Government

With South Africa struggling over with its online gambling laws under its jurisdiction during the past few weeks, they have been planning to discourage players to take part in such activities which is not supported by the South African government. But because they cannot stop such activity, they are on a mission to impose steep taxes from gambling winnings to help fight excessive gambling among their target payers, as what their politicians have been discussing.

Starting this coming April 2011, anyone who wins over 25, 000 Rands by playing lottery, sportsbetting, or casino games will be taxed of about 15% duty on their winnings. With such imposed law, politicians would expect that it will turn out successfully as it will be in lined with what the US government has done and prevented players from gambling excessively.

This has been the latest report coming from the South African government as they are discussing such regulation of online gambling in their jurisdiction. For the past few years, the said government has been trying to pass laws to regulate such kind of activity. Different fines to players and operators are also being held and introduced, in addition to a ban that prohibits gambling in their commercials from airing on TV’s during the day.

Despite all of the governments’ efforts, such activities in their jurisdiction continues to increase illegally. There have been reports too that this increase is because of players of online gambling have been rapidly increasing everyday without any regards to such law being implemented in their country.

And this has led to a disappointment among the South African government. Hoping to succeed on this coming regulations against the unwanted industry in their country, South African government continues to struggle over the edge of the growing gambling industry in their region by implementing law and prohibitions, penalties, and many more.


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