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Online Poker

Known as a game of skill, strategy, mind focus, and a little bit of luck, online poker has been one of the most profitable casino game that can be played at online casinos. It also have the best variations available. One known variation of poker is the Texas Hold ‘Em. Players wanting to learn poker only needs to learn first the basics of the game. Next is honing it, and creating your own strong points and strategies on your game. Critical thinking and decision also matters in the game. Because of its fame, there is no doubt that it is a very profitable online casino game.

Online Black Jack

This game is also known as “21“, because the aim of the game is to reach a hand that totals to either close to 21 or exactly 21. A simple game it is, but just like poker, strategy and skills is needed to be able to play well on this game. Card counting is the casino games’ famous skill which was developed to analyze cards that were drawn, and also as a form of mental sharpness as it requires you to remember the cards that already came out. Either you win or lose, online casinos does offer their online black jack some bonuses and reasonable payouts, making it a really profitable casino game online.

Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker is the same as poker. The only difference is the way you play it. Instead of playing face to face with an opponent, or with a dealer/house edge, you play versus a machine. Yes, a video poker machine. And your aim is to beat the machine by having a better hand ranking than it does. Because of the game concept which is similar to poker, the game is considered to be among the most profitable casino games. Some online casinos also offer progressive video poker machines making it among the best to play with online casino game.

Online Roulette

There’s probably a very obvious answer to why online roulette is among the most profitable online casino games. Though it is mainly based on luck, every players’ chance of winning is 50/50. This is because there are only two options that players can bet in to be able to win. Many have use the so-called “Martingale System” in beating the online roulette system, but is not that effective at all cost. There are a number of people who have already won in roulette, and one of the reasons why it is a very profitable game is because of its high-payout percentage that can attract players. Plus, the “chance-based” concept makes it a more exciting and thrilling game.

Online Baccarat

Yeah, Baccarat is a profitable game. Not because it offers high-payout percentage, but because it offers a low house edge compared to other games. Skill is not much needed on this game, as players only need to bet on a hand that you think would come out the game.

Online Slots

Slot machines are fun. Not only that. They can also make you rich. Progressive online slots are among the most profitable online casino game at online casinos. This is because of the high-potential jackpot prizes on these network of slot machines. Many have already won large prizes on this progressive slots and has paid out large sums of money to online enthusiasts.

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Microgaming Slots : Another Large Pay Out Recorded Thu, 02 Jun 2011 06:36:35 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> For years, an online progressive slot developed by Microgaming has given many players the hard time on winning it’s largest jackpot prize in the history of the said game. It has been quite some time when King Cashalot did paid out it’s unforgettable progressive jackpots prize when it was last won. And finally, a lucky slot player has won it’s life-changing jackpot prize. The online casino is the casino site that gave away the astounding ₤1.5 million prize of King Cashalot recently.

King Cashalot is an online progressive slots developed by Microgaming, and was known for having the biggest jackpots in the online gambling industry. Factors that made its jackpot really big is their minimum jackpot prize of ₤100,000 and higher. The accumulated bets of the players trying to win the game has also contributed to the large jackpot prize of the said game. Additional to this is that Microgaming is one of the online casino software providers that has the biggest progressive jackpot games in the gambling industry.

Over the years of hard work, the software providers’ network of slot machines has been greatly anticipated by many online slot enthusiasts because of its high-jackpot potential. The software provider still hold the record for paying out on their single jackpot online game at about ₤3 Million to a lucky player. This has been the largest jackpot prize ever. Add up to this is Microgaming’s newest 3D online slots, which enable players to experience a 3D slot gaming and fun.

The 3D slots Sterling Silver was the online slots that was the first to have an online 3D slots version, with its predecessors having the same fame that it has achieved over the years of playing it.

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Top 5 Video Poker Variations Wed, 01 Jun 2011 06:47:43 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> Video Poker is one of the most enticing casino games that online gamblers can ever have while playing at their favorite online casino site. The game is played with the same rules as online poker does, but the only difference is that the players’ opponent is the game machine and the house edge. Video Poker is played in casino game machines just like slot machines. The aim of the game is to reach the best hand possible, depending on the game variation of video poker. There are actually five most popular video poker variations. This variations are the most played video poker casino game and to give you a shot of how to play these games, here are they:

Aces And Faces Video Poker. A video poker variation which is based on the game Jacks or Better. The only difference of this to Jacks Or Better is their payout table. There are no wild card in the game, and that it has an increased payout of 4 when J-L is being switched with 2-4. >> Aces and Faces Review <<

Deuces And Joker. Another video poker variation based from the standard Jacks or Better video poker game. The difference of the game to Jacks or Better is that it has 2 cards, mainly the Deuces and the Joker. It contains a total of 53 card deck. The joker is the wild card of the game and that is its difference to other video poker variation. >> Deuces And Joker Review <<

Deuces And Wild Video Poker. One of the best known video poker variation is the Deuces Wild Video Poker. In other games which has no wild card, this Deuces Wild actually contains 4 wild card at the deck. It offers many strategies which players can try out during game plays. There are optimal strategies that players can try too, as well a their own unique strategy in playing. >> Deuces And Wild Review <<

Double Joker Video Poker. Among the most popular video poker variation in the online gambling world is the Double Joker Video Poker. The game has 54 cards on the deck. It has 2 wild card, namely Joker cards. The aim of the game is to have a better hand ranking than your opponent or the video poker machine. You can make different strategy options and tactics to make your sure win on the game. Just make sure you don’t hit with the Jokers at hand. >> Double Joker Video Poker Review <<

Jacks Or Better Video Poker. Jacks Or Better Video Poker is among the oldest living video poker variation on the online gambling world. It was released by Microgaming and played with 52 cards at deck. With a regular five card draw poker, players can either discard or keep any card at hand. >> Jacks Or Better Review <<

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Madrid To Hand Out Their First Online Casino Licenses Tue, 31 May 2011 06:47:53 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> 4 Average Black Jack Tips Mon, 30 May 2011 06:26:51 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> Black Jack has been one of the most played online casino game at different casino sites. Other than poker, it is a famous card game with easy to understand fundamentals, and strategies that can be used. When online casino game were first invented, online black jack was among the first casino games to be introduced by Internet casinos. Black Jack was also named as the “21”, wherein the aim of the game is to reach a hand totaling to 21. It has been played since the early times of traditional casinos, and it’s predecessors has not been that successful as it is right now.

To further give those amateur players some simple, but helpful tips to beat online black jack, here are some of the black jack beginners and amateur strategies that you can try to maximize your skill and potential in playing online black jack:

Use The Basic Rules and Strategies Of Black Jack. In playing black jack, you certainly have a chart of the simple basic strategies if it. The chart is helpful in giving you tips on what to do on certain conditions. Other than using your own intuition, such strategy chart will guide you in most cases.

Stay At Your Bankroll. Every black jack game consists of both a minimum and maximum stake limit. Be sure to stay at your own bankroll to avoid wasting money when you do are not making any productivity at all.

Learn Card Counting At Black Jack. When you play online black jack, card counting would be o no use at all. But when you are going to play at a live casino, card counting would give you guides and help in analyzing the game pace. Card counting is the effective analysis of cards that was being held by your opponents, enabling you to predict a possible winning combination, and betting position.

Knowing When To Stop. You cannot actually win all the time, so knowing when to stop will always give you an advantage of staying safe with what you have profited and earned in the whole game. There is actually a second chance when you think it is not the right time or luck hasn’t landed on your hands yet.

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New 3D Slots Game At Microgaming Online Casinos Fri, 27 May 2011 07:08:22 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]>

One of the first online casino to introduce the new slot version Sterling Silver was the Jackpot City, where it has already earned quite a popularity across the web. It has been described by players to have a super realistic feature. The online casino has also stated that the said game was a very highly-innovative gaming creativity in creating an ambiance through the 3D technology. The olde 2D version of the slots has reportedly earned many fans before, but because of this new released version of the game, it will definitely gain more fans and attention, especially from slots enthusiasts.

The 3D Technology has vastly contributed not only in movie theaters but also in the online gaming world. Many experts says that in the upcoming years expect more companies to be releasing their own version of 3D technology applied at their own games, making the competition among online casino operators and owners more tight.

But what really is 3D Technology?

3D Technology has already come a long way since it’s first inception in 1838, where a Sir Charles Wheatstone discovered on how to produce such 3D effect. The 3D Technology allow its viewers not only to see the 2 side dimension of what they watch, but also the third side dimension of an object being pictured. This allows also a more interactive scene between the viewer/player and the game or movie itself. The main core of why online gambling has brought 3D technology to its platform is to maximize its capability in bringing out the best entertainment it could give to all online players, especially at online casinos.

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Basic Poker Terminologies Thu, 26 May 2011 11:36:13 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> Poker is one of the most played online casino games that have gain popularity all throughout the years. It already made different kinds of variations that has been used in different casinos land-based or online. Because of the thrill it gives players whenever they play the game, poker still is the leading casino game that is mainly offered in casinos.

Before playing the game itself, especially for newbie players, one must familiarize themselves in terminologies or jargons used in playing the game of Poker. This is to ensure that you fully understand the game itself without asking your opponent which will give them a hint that you don’t know the game. Hence, giving them the chance to pull out a strategy to beat you.

Let’s start off on the most easiest and we go to advance later. This will enable newbies to comprehend the words and have time to sink it in. Advance players can also find this guide sort of like a refresher to make them enhance on their own strategy and sharpen it to make them always on top of their game. Here we go:

Of course, where you sit has a term in the game. In Poker, Position refers to the arrangement in which players are seated in the table. There are players who will be seated in the Early, Middle or in the Late positions.

When a poker game is consisted with six or fewer players, it is called Shorthand.

But when the game is consisted with seven or more players, it is called the Longhand.

The person who is responsible for dealing cards to the player is called the Dealer. The last player to act is the Dealer in Hold’em games. They got the best position because he/she will have enough time and knowledge to know what his/her opponents will do before he/she has time to decide and act to the best way possible. You can identify the dealer by looking for the so-called Button. If you are playing online poker, the dealer position is marked by a small circle with a letter D in it.

Hole Cards are cards which are dealt to the player face down to make sure that there will be no other player can see it. It is also called Down Card. These cards are not revealed until the showdown round.

After you are dealt with two cards or Hole Cards, a betting round will take place. Preflop or Pre-Flop is called in the betting round after you receive your hole cards. This is before any of the community cards are placed in the middle of the poker table.

After the Pre-Flop, the Flop is next. You can determined the Flop round because the first three board cards or the so-called Community Cards is placed in the middle of the poker table.

Board Cards or Community Cards are cards that is placed in the middle of the poker table that can be shared by players in that round.

The Turn is called when the fourth community card or board card came out.

After the Turn, the River is the next. Players can identify if they are already in the River round if the fifth and final card comes out and placed on the middle of the poker table.

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Sharpening Your Knives At Online Poker Wed, 25 May 2011 12:51:26 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> 1 Mobile Gambling: What To Expect This Year Wed, 25 May 2011 08:03:16 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> 0 Suspicious Slot Machines On Holland Casinos Under Investigation Tue, 24 May 2011 07:15:26 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> We all love slots, especially online slots. And the only thing that matters for most of us is the prize and fun that we could get from it. Different online casinos as well as land-based casinos do offer their own slots, but next time we play slots, especially for slots enthusiast, we should take note of the fairness that these slot machines gives us to ensure not only our safety, but our money. This has been one of the issue that has passed Holland Casino in Netherlands for the past few days.

Their slot machines namely “Mega Millions”, have been suspected of being tampered, which may result into unfair results and winning to players. Just when the popular slots machines has paid out at about €1 Million as its top jackpot since the start of 2011. Just after having it’s seventh win, Holland Casino has suspected that the current wins might be a result of their slot machines being tampered, and so recalled all their machines all over the country, in over 161 casinos. After an investigation on all the slot machines, they have arrived at a conclusion that all the winnings are normal and the Mega Millions slots machines results were completely normal.

The investigation on these so-called “tampered slot machines” was when two women won the top jackpot on the slot machine within two days. This took place on April 16th and 17, when an old woman won the jackpot at a casino located in Rotterdam, and the next day when another woman won a jackpot again, which grew concern on part of the Holland Casino as its gaming regulator.

The slot machine has now been given back to it’s designated casinos all over the country, and the slot machine and gaming in the region is now back to normal. In the year 2009, they have also reported their slot machine Mega Millions to have paid out more than this year. Actions made by Holland Casino was to double the games maximum bet, making it more expensive to trigger the jackpot. Today, many are trying their luck to be one of the lucky individuals to win their slot machine top jackpot.


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