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DST affects on Gambling industry

Summer time is here and one of the effect of this season is the time adjustment. Daily Saving Time(DST) will start soon as early as this weekend. In DST, the clock is adjusting, advanced to the typical time that we used to. DST happens during the start of spring season where the time is adjusted an hour advance and an hour backward during autumn season.

The DST can affect the gambling industry in some way. Because the time will advance an hour than the typical time, players of online casinos have to stay up longer than they used to. Staying up longer means that the player have to adjust their sleeping time habit, and let’s face it, there are people that get annoyed by the change of their sleeping habits, since they have to cope with the affected working hours. And not only the online casino players and gamblers are feeling the effect of the DST. Land-based casinos are also affected by the time changing effect of the summer. For the casino personnel and employees, they have to stay up as late as 3am to accommodate players and gamblers. And because the DST will change on weekend, which is the busiest days of gambling houses and establishment, the employees and the gamblers of casinos have to stay an hour longer than they used to.

Another effect of DST in online casinos is that they have to adjust the time of their tournaments. Online gamblers have to make some adjustments to get on tournaments, like in Poker tournaments that can last for almost twelve gambling hours, and because of the time adjustment, gamblers have to stay up longer and they have to deal with it.

For gambling online, online casinos are operating 24/7 so gamblers shouldn’t worry about the change in time. What matters to them is how long are they gonna spend their time in gambling online. And of course they have to adjust to get to tournaments on time. Unlike casino houses and lounge, they have to bear with the possible loss of their income.

The effect of the time changing season has a little consequence to the industry of gambling. But still, it depends on how players and gamblers can accept and compromise the change of time.

The DST hitting the industry of gambling may affect by the change of time but still depends on the gamblers and how would they deal with it.

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