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Online Gambling Law : Cyprus Questioned

Country’s under the European Union has been next in line to online gambling legislation around their jurisdiction. Spain and Netherlands, being one of these countries, are being criticized by online gambling authorities in terms of their online gambling legislation laws that  have been regulated by their government as their governments’ political officials review such law.

And Cyprus, now heading in line to online gambling legislation revamping, has been scrutinize of its online gambling law, deciding to change the said legislation. Now Cyprus is to face questions from the said European Union.

While other countries under EU are hoping to change their online gambling law, wherein they aim to open their online gambling market to foreign online casino operators, Cyprus  is in a different manner. EU wants countries under the union to take part in free trade, even when it comes to digital media. They want such states to open their borders to their own citizens. And this is the reason why Cyprus is changing their online gambling law. What they want is to restrict EU from allowing such companies based in other countries to share their offers and services to their own country. And as such, resulting to EU questioning Cyprus on the said issue.

Cyprus had reasoned out that they want to protect their own jurisdiction against fraud and other types of common online crimes. However, EU has answered that they need not to worry since all states and companies under them are all subjected to close monitoring protocols, assuring them of their safety, being the safest online location. The said issue is up until now talked by both parties. Moreover, EU believes that the purpose of Cyprus for this is for them to be able to act a monopoly, which is opposite to EU regulations.

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