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TV Series CSI Now in Online Slots

If you think you are being chased by CSI agents, then stop right there. They are not going to arrest you, neither to investigate your house. Instead, they are going to make you play for the CSI online slots version.

Yes, you read it right. Being one of the most popular television shows in the state, first aired in 2000, the show has made a great audience impact across the world where its concept has been adapted in different games, and now, making its debut in the online gambling world with the famous television series brand, CSI.

GTECH G2, one of the world’s leading slots online developer, will be the one to take over the development of the said online slot game. Dealing with the CBS, it allowed the said slot developer to create a series of game that will attract many players as the television series had succeed over the past few years. The said game is expected to be released by the end of this year 2011 at only selected licensees of GTECH G2.

At an interview by Dominic Mansour of GTECH G2′s gaming Product Division, he said, “Thanks to our agreement with CBS Consumer Products, we can incorporate the intrigue and suspect of CSI with our interactive games to thrill players and CSI fans throughout the world”

As different television series are turned into video games, and now into casino games like slots, many will expect that different developers like GTECH G2 will also take a leap on doing the same as the gambling industry continue to grow.
As far as the media is concerned, the gambling industry continues to make ideas that let them dominate in the Internet. Online Slots has also been one of the most played games at online casino site where it offers a huge chance of winning large. And that having a new slots online feature gives the GTECH G2 an entirely groundbreaking leap into advancement and creativity.

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