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Censorship Software on Online Gambling Websites

There have been some reports saying that the German online gambling law that will be passed will be containing a condition that many players around the said country are weary about it’s risk that could arise when the said law is then announced changed. The said legislation of online gambling in Germany includes a Network Lock, also known as “sniffer software” that is used to block websites and other censor emotions and instant messages that is not allowed to show up a users computer. This has been the primary issue that is now arising in the German district where the said software is to be used and implemented by the German government.  

According the some reports, the software functions by automatically blocking censored websites and other Internet resources from and to users living in German area. This means that when a player searches and types a query in the Internet, and then the result that is to be shown to the user is deemed unacceptable by the software, then users will no be able to access the said website. This was the condition that was stated and to be included in the reviewing online gambling legislation as the government would use the said software to block players from accessing websites that are deemed illegal by the government of Germany. It also enables the German government to control the operation of online gambling companies that are not licensed within their jurisdiction to avoid fraud.

The Network Lock “sniffer software”, as been seen by groups that agrees to the software function, states many security and safety advantages of it. They believe that the said software is a huge step in fighting cyber-frauds and crimes, which is mostly happened in the Internet, where many people have been a victim, not only in Germany, but all over the world. Since many cyber-crimes are happening all throughout the Internet world. They have been expecting this to be a major change and an innovation in the online gaming industry that may spread all over other countries having an online gaming and gambling market.

Critics and other players of the said provision believes that despite of the security advantage of the said “sniffer software” (Network Lock), it somewhat invades the privacy of online casino players, especially German players across the country. They have already given their side, saying that there are other ways to ensure the safety and security if German players that is taking part in playing at online casino websites. When the said provision is then passed and such condition would be allowed inside German territory, it will be monitoring all online traffic at all licensed online gambling websites. There are already particular groups in the said country that is against the condition and advices a more acceptable condition than the Network Lock Software.

For the knowledge of other people and user who are not familiar with Network Locking, it is not only available in the Internet, but also applies to cellular phones and sim cards.

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