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Basic Poker Terminologies

Poker is one of the most played online casino games that have gain popularity all throughout the years. It already made different kinds of variations that has been used in different casinos land-based or online. Because of the thrill it gives players whenever they play the game, poker still is the leading casino game that is mainly offered in casinos.

Before playing the game itself, especially for newbie players, one must familiarize themselves in terminologies or jargons used in playing the game of Poker. This is to ensure that you fully understand the game itself without asking your opponent which will give them a hint that you don’t know the game. Hence, giving them the chance to pull out a strategy to beat you.

Let’s start off on the most easiest and we go to advance later. This will enable newbies to comprehend the words and have time to sink it in. Advance players can also find this guide sort of like a refresher to make them enhance on their own strategy and sharpen it to make them always on top of their game. Here we go:

Of course, where you sit has a term in the game. In Poker, Position refers to the arrangement in which players are seated in the table. There are players who will be seated in the Early, Middle or in the Late positions.

When a poker game is consisted with six or fewer players, it is called Shorthand.

But when the game is consisted with seven or more players, it is called the Longhand.

The person who is responsible for dealing cards to the player is called the Dealer. The last player to act is the Dealer in Hold’em games. They got the best position because he/she will have enough time and knowledge to know what his/her opponents will do before he/she has time to decide and act to the best way possible. You can identify the dealer by looking for the so-called Button. If you are playing online poker, the dealer position is marked by a small circle with a letter D in it.

Hole Cards are cards which are dealt to the player face down to make sure that there will be no other player can see it. It is also called Down Card. These cards are not revealed until the showdown round.

After you are dealt with two cards or Hole Cards, a betting round will take place. Preflop or Pre-Flop is called in the betting round after you receive your hole cards. This is before any of the community cards are placed in the middle of the poker table.

After the Pre-Flop, the Flop is next. You can determined the Flop round because the first three board cards or the so-called Community Cards is placed in the middle of the poker table.

Board Cards or Community Cards are cards that is placed in the middle of the poker table that can be shared by players in that round.

The Turn is called when the fourth community card or board card came out.

After the Turn, the River is the next. Players can identify if they are already in the River round if the fifth and final card comes out and placed on the middle of the poker table.

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