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Back to the American Market: PartyGaming

Since the birth and enactment of the online gambling law in US, which is the UIGEA in 2006, gambling operators have been very careful about their positions in the American Market. And most of them are European Based online gambling operators.

UK, being one of the largest market for online gambling, has faced many legal actions against them from the US in their continuous offering of their services to American Residents. And one of the largest issue that have been in the history was the famous PartyGaming Software Company, which was forced out of the said state.

And after a long time out of the US, PartyGaming is now taking its actions in going back to the US territory in offering again their services to American residents. The said company is now planing into entering into negations with some of US biggest land based operators. The said company seemed to learn a way into infiltrating US by what PlayTech have done in negotiating and partnering with some American Based developer.

By this, other companies like PartyGaming expects that this would be a good action in avoiding legal intervention with the American government. Many have said that the inter-state approach have pave way into online gambling legislation requiring servers to be based into the said state.

If they partnered with some American Based operators, they would have a bigger chance for them to establish their own land based operation under US brands without any discretion. Even though there is an implemented and regulated federal, it would still be up to the US states to allow the such kind of activity.

American Market

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