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Another Country to Open Gambling Market

In the European countries, many have been opening their market to online gambling sine the start if the 2011 year.  And Netherlands is nearing for the same too.

In an earlier report, the Netherlands is the latest European country aiming to legalize and regulate online gambling in their market. They expect such market to open fro local operators in 2012, and will be beginning to accept applications from International operators in 2015.

Such plan and legislation was one of the first steps of the new Netherlands government that has been put into place as a change in the country.  The party was previously reported to ban online gambling as a whole. And so, after this change in plan, the regulation of the online gambling market would be a great welcome for online casino players in the said country. But as the plan is under review, the Netherlands government wants to approach the situation with a more liberal mind setting.

If the industry is to be pursued, it will be worth about 10 million Euros per year and it is believed that such market, if allowed and regulated, could generate even more revenue when International gambling companies are allowed to begin their operations in the Netherlands.

When the said profit will be generated, a portion of it is already planned to be allocated at sports and creating a gambling authority and regulator.

In the Netherlands lies monopoly handled by Holland casino, and with the upcoming opening for international gambling operations, the said monopoly will be expected to be disbanded and players inside the country will now be able to choose from a wide range of local gambling operators.

The European Union has been regulating many gambling operations all over Europe, and so, countries under them have to worry nothing at all when they decides to open for online gambling markets in their jurisdictions. And besides, the EU wants every country under them to open their country’s to free trade and stop monopoly.

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