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Absolute Poker Refuses What The US Government Demands

In a struggle to clear the issue of Online Poker Rooms in the US, PokerStars and FullTilt Poker has been in agreement with the US government about the seizure of their domains. After the said seizure of their domains, the two famous poker rooms has made steps so that their operation on other countries like Europe, won’t be affected by the said situation. Although the two poker rooms’ domains has been agreed to be available to US player again, this was due to the US government’s decision to let players withdraw their winnings from the poker rooms, and that does not include players to play into their accounts anymore yet.

Absolute Poker, one of the three poker rooms in the said seizure, has refused to participate with what both PokerStars and FullTilt Poker has done. They have insisted that the said seizure of their domains was illegal, and that they refuses too with the US federal government to return their US players money that has not yet been withdraw from them.

Along with a known licensee of online poker rooms, the small island of Antigua and Barbuda, they have helped Absolute Poker in the struggle in the Absolute Poker and has insisted to the said poker rooms not to make agreements with the US government. They have also appealed with the WTO (World Trade Organization) to investigate and look further with the decision of the US government about the seizure, including the indictments handed down by the US Department of Justice. Antigua want to realize the WTO that US itself allows online gaming and gambling money across it regions. It has also said that US States has their own form of legalized gambling. They question the movements of the said US federal government to the fact that they even have a state regulated horse racing. This has been an illegal acts under WTO.

After a lot of discussions, many are awaiting to what will be the result and how would this issue end. PokerStars and FullTilt has paved way to what the US government wanted, but the third poker room, Absolute Poker refuses in a way to challenge and save their own reputation that was already establish for a period of time. There are growing supporters of the said poker rooms and that the US federal government will take some time into dealing with it.

The only good new that’s left is the continuous flourish of online poker in Europe where online poker rooms earns a large number of revenue coming from European players. Other than Europe, there are also certain parts in the world where online gaming and online poker is growing and many people continue to play for more at their favorite poker rooms.

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