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Increasing Rate of Underage Gambling in BC

Is gambling been a real problem in this world? Well I guess it is, depending on some reasons and kind of gambling issues. When you’re at legal age, gambling is definitely fine. But when it comes to underage gambling, that’s a major issue. That why some country had a law when it comes to the legal age where you can gamble. 18 years of age is required on some country. But in British Columbia, one of their major problem nowadays is the growth of underage gambler in their province that cannot be solved.

A recent report in Toronto Suns indicates that last year, some retailers sold lottery tickets to minors declaring that underage gambling in British Columbia had boost. The report also says that the BC’s Government is not taking some step to stop this gambling problem on their province. That’s why a Canadian news provider known as QMI took the first step.

The QMI asked British Columbia Lottery Commission to provide them a copy of all underage gamblers that plays in the province’s casinos, racetracks, bingo halls and those who bought lottery tickets. The BCLC refused to give them a copy of their records saying that the only records they have for underage gambling is for those lottery retailers only. Furthermore, though the BCLC refused, still they released a record. One record that shows a convenience store in North Vancouver that sells lottery tickets to underage individuals. Moreover, the store was banned for a month in 2009.

A study lead by British Columbia’s government stated that 42% of adults addicted in gambling admitted that they became a part of this activity before their 19 years of age. This is why problem gambling associations believe that early exposure to gambling can lead to gambling addiction. Knowing that every activity started in adolescent will be a practice until their right age.

BCLC must do their job better. Some advocates says that they should be more responsible about the problem in underage gambling. This is not a simple problem that can easily be solved since it started at very young age.

Gambling Addiction Problem

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