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Jackpot City Welcomes New Players with the Hugest Bonuses in Online Casino Gaming

Jackpot City online bookmaking site guarantees easy and automatic winning for new registrants and players. The website is home for high quality and expert high rollers in the Internet wagering arena. Seasoned players and bookmakers enjoy the hugest payouts in this virtual and mobile gaming authority. Best of all, the site caters to an overflowing number of virtual gambling enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. The City is now expanding its customer base and bookmaking market through opening its threshold to new players and site visitors. The best thing about being new at Jackpot City is that newly registered members and players are up for a colossal treat. Newcomers are welcomed with a bang with the superb bonuses offered. This is one of the best features that constantly draw more and more bookmakers in the City site.

All players and punters who are eligible and qualified to access and enjoy the special welcome bonus offer at Jackpot City will be notified through email. The welcome bonus is automatically credited to the player’s account after combining the first 4 deposits they make to receive the bonus’ maximum value. Virtual casino players and members of Jackpot City could easily download the website today in their mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to jump start a remarkable journey in bookmaking with guaranteed bonuses and jackpot prizes. There are various fun and lucrative games to choose from in the mobile gaming website all powered and licensed by software developer giant Microgaming. Hence, players and bookmakers could expect top of the line gaming platform for a unique wagering experience.

The progressive jackpot section of the website is the most popular segment of this prime bookmaking property. There are well known titles accessible in this section which had made innumerable millionaires in the past years. The likes of Mega Moolah series and Major Millions are just two of the highly advanced gaming features in the website. One of the many features of Jackpot City which gave it two thumbs up reviews from analysts and players is its award winning customer service feature available round the clock every single day.

NextGen and Vera & John Launches Emperor’s Garden Prime Video Slot Casino Game

Online punters and bookmakers are sure to enjoy and love the newest video slot addition at the Vera & John bookmaking website with the debut of Emperor’s Garden. There are tons of treasures to unearth and discovery in this video slot game set in a theme of the Chinese dynasty ruled by emperor Qi. This is the latest and most recent addition to the top of the line gaming portfolio of world class gaming software developer, NextGen. The game is to be launched and accessible at Vera & John so that more and more wagering enthusiasts could enjoy the orient inspired game with highest cash prizes and overflowing bonus. There are top quality features incorporated in the Emperor’s Garden video slot game that would appeal over numerous players.

The innovative and technologically advanced video slot casino game from NextGen is featured with beautiful and captivating imagery reflecting the glorious Chinese dynasties. With the calming and invigorating gaming environment with an oriental twist, players could integrate big stash of cash to bag for every spin especially with the Garden Wild symbols and free games. The mechanics and specifications of the game are quite simple. The garden wild symbols must appear only to specific reels particularly 2, 3 and 4 in whichever position in order to hit the winning combinations. The whole reel Wild is triggered if one garden wild symbol appears on a winning line. Free Games are also triggered and could guarantee the biggest cash prizes. Koi fish symbols must be obtained with 3 or more numbers of scatters to get the 10 free spins.

The garden symbols for the Emperor’s Garden prime video slot game offers the best part for the players who could also multiply their earnings to as much as 3x the basic winning. Players could also trigger yet again the free games regardless of how many times they did it. This is a surefire bookmaking winner because players are guaranteed credit of their winnings to be automatically added to their pay line in no time. The most awaited and highest paying video slot game from NextGen is set to exclusively debut in the major virtual bookmaking site Vera & John.

Net Entertainment Released New Gaming Favorite with Reel Rush for Real Money Bookmaking

Mobile gaming is becoming a popular and sought after trend in the bookmaking industry especially with the help of innovative and world class software developers such as Net Entertainment. NetEnt is once more proving their award winning prowess in the world of creating and developing top of the line gambling features and gaming favorites. From its most recent release of box office and top grossing video slot games such as Space Wars, EggOMatic and Silent Run, the software developer is again showcasing its new addition. The virtual casino portfolio is now overflowing with high quality games with the newest addition to its lot, Reel Rush. This new gaming feature from the top caliber gaming software developer is equipped and jam packed with state of the art interface, technology and other specifications.

Net Entertainment is once again stepping up its game and setting the bar as to what excellent gaming in the online world is all about. NetEnt is scheduled to release its up and coming new video slot title Reel Rush just right after its launch of its boxing inspired and equally entertaining Fisticuffs game. As for the Reel Rush video slot game, this brilliant and colorful gaming feature reflects and gives ode to the eccentric era of 1980s and its ground breaking arcade games. The 80s inspired arcade games are given a technologically advanced and innovative twist in the newest NetEnt masterpiece. The Reel Rush video slot game is proud to announce to its loyal punters and bookmakers of their multiple ways of winning big cash prizes and bonuses.

There is a whopping total of 3,125 different ways to win in this enjoyable and retro themed video slot game. The prime gaming addition by Net Entertainment offers innovative features soon to expand the reels with 13 symbols on first spin and increasing to 25 symbols for every new win. There are other cards in the game including the free spins and the Wild substitution re spins. The thousand ways to win is undoubtedly one of the most appealing features of the game with a total of 480,000 coins up for grabs per spin.

Leo Vegas Casino Expands, Revamps and Adds New Generation of Gaming Portfolio

The gaming industry expects to have a brand new look and experience with the newest happenings at Leo Vegas Casino. The bookmaking operator in the virtual wagering market is proud to announce to its avid and loyal bookmakers and players the expansion of their gaming contents. The website is also revamping its interface and software in order to add a whole new generation of bookmaking games and features. The freshest and brand new portfolio of Leo Vegas includes the widest and largest database of bookmaking features such as roulette and table games with a unique twist. The casino however redesigned and revamped their mobile platform. The newest innovation made it possible to access and enjoy every gaming feature from the website on almost all tablets and smartphones.

Leo Vegas is quite proud and delighted about their newest mobile platform deemed very well balanced and well developed. However, this mobile innovation is not the only surprise and benefit from Leo Vegas because they also came up with something unique and advanced with their HTML 5 features.  Through the technologically advanced HTML 5 platform, gamers and bookmakers could now easily navigate and access games on their smartphones and tablet in a breeze. There are also an additional 47 video slots in their portfolio to choose from. Online reports and news gave credit to Leo Vegas’ alliance with top gaming software developer Microgaming and its Quickfire platform. There are new spins for virtual and mobile gaming with tons of outstanding features added including Andre the Giant, Doctor Love on Vacation, Bust the Bank and Dr. Watts Up.

The prime virtual gaming website is known to offer different games from multiple gaming software developers. Their gaming contents also come from high caliber developers in the bookmaking industry including Net Entertainment, NextGen Gaming and Sheriff Gaming. For loyal and avid players of the website, their recommendations have been heard by the operator and luckily gained good winnings through their support. There are award winning video slots to enjoy at Leo Vegas today including Piggy Bank and Frog Royale from Sheriff Gaming and NetEnt’s Space Wars and EggOMatic video slots.

New York Casino Bill Will Expand Gambling in the State Regardless of Voting Results

The state of New York is currently processing a casino expansion bill which is at the present being negotiated in Albany. The New York Post publication and news reiterated that the bookmaking bill is focused on making wagering and gaming features widespread in the state. The expansion bill is one of the many concerns and hottest news in the New York State bookmaking industry and the entire community in general. There are various opposing sides as to the outcome of the voting. Many sectors were against the expansion of the bookmaking bill but others are quite optimistic and supportive about it. There is however rather astounding news that would add more buzz among New York regulators, operators and the general public as a whole.

According to the New York Post and other online bookmaking reports, the newest provision for the bill which is behind closed door negotiations would expand gambling in the state. To make this news clear, it states that gambling expansion is inevitable and surefire in New York, no matter what the outcome or results of the voting will be. That being said,New York is to expect gaming modifications and proliferation in the state even if the gambling bill proposal is rejected by the voters. This means that there would be more constructions and operations of bookmaking properties in the state even if the voters turn down this proposal or bill. Governor Cuomo, according to New York Post, stated earlier on that getting public approval to amend the constitution and allow Vegas type bookmaking properties in New York is a tough ordeal.

It is expected that with this turn of events and the most recent release of the news, more and more competing gambling entities and gambling opponents will be mounting ads on televisions. Based on New York Post reports, the new and negotiated legislation is set to authorize and give a go signal to prime and major upstate resort bookmaking properties. The bill that concerns bookmaking operators and the general public is to be voted on and released in the coming weeks or just before the legislative session for 2013 culminates.

Two Cashiers Working at The Orleans Filed Lawsuit Against the Casino for Forced Work Off the Clock

Boyd Gaming Corporation, the owner and manager of The Orleans casino is facing a federal lawsuit when two cashiers working in a restaurant in the property sued the company. This is in line with their allegations that they were forced to work beyond their shift hours without any overtime pay. The cashiers claimed that this incident of coercing the employees to stay in the restaurant and continue their work beyond their work hours has repeatedly occurred prior to filing the lawsuit. Furthermore, according to legal counsel information about the incident, the two employees working as cashiers in The Orleans restaurant allotted extra 30 to 45 minutes for each of their shifts. The two decided to seek legal counsel and were advised to take legal actions against the bookmaking property particularly its owner, Boyd Gaming Corporation.

The two employees and complainants in the lawsuit are Maria High and Kathy Belmonte, both hired as restaurant cashiers at The Orleans. Online reports stated that the two cashiers were forced to work beyond their shift for roughly an hour and received nothing in return. Moreover, on top of them not getting paid for working overtime, their complaints were also left unheard and unaddressed. Based on the official statements of the complainants, it is company policy that their employees are not entitled to receive any overtime payment. This type of unfair and inhumane policy by the company resulted to numerous complaints and upheaval among employees. Nevertheless, despite the overflowing clamor among their employees, Boyd Gaming Corporation allegedly did not do anything to change their policy over several years now.

In line with the information that the company policy has affected myriads of its employees, legal representatives of the complaining party are thinking of a class action status. This is on behalf of the other employees or cashiers working 21 other properties owned and operated by Boyd Gaming Corporation. The total number of employees or cashiers working for Boyd’s bookmaking properties is roughly 500. The federal lawsuit is a blow to the gaming operator that offers prime wagering features. Company spokesperson declined to give any comment.

Business Desk Report Reveals Extension for Convention Deal Deadline to SkyCity Entertainment in New Zealand

SkyCity Entertainment is given more time and sufficient chances by the New Zealand government. The up and coming bookmaking authority and property is given extension for its deal deadline according to online reports from Business Desk. This is favorable news for the bookmaking operator planning to expand and improve its operations in the New Zealand bookmaking market. The New Zealand government announced that the extension for the deal deadline is based on numerous factors that the government deemed necessary to expect and come up with more remarkable results and benefits out of the agreement. The bookmaking operator and company is planning for an expansion of its business operations and other gambling features yet they must first adhere to the different standards and provisions of the government of New Zealand.

According to Business Desk reports, the deadline for the deal of the SkyCity Entertainment is yet to be released. The casino operator aiming to expand its market and customer base in New Zealand is known to provide versatile gambling features in the country through its Internet and land based wagering operations. Although there are confirmed reports that the deal deadline is to be extended, the two involved parties are yet to release the official and fixed date of the deadline. Reports further explained that this deadline is yet to be set but there are unofficial news or speculations that it would take place for two weeks’ time. The provision of the agreement between the government of New Zealand and SkyCity Entertainment is focused on the plan of the bookmaking group to expand its wagering and gaming market.

The New Zealand government gave its own provision and terms in order to make the deal beneficial for both parties. For instance, the provision states that SkyCity Entertainment is to build and finance an Auckland based prime convention center in the country. This is the term of the agreement in exchange of allowing the company to still operate and extend their gaming license. Furthermore, the agreement also includes the permission granted to SkyCity Entertainment to add and increase their table games and slot machine features.

Casino Deal Forged Between Ramona Band and California Governor

The governor of the state of California, Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced today his signing of a casino deal with one of the tribal bookmaking operators in the state. This tribal band signing is with the Ramona Band of Cahuilla which is one of the biggest tribal state gambling compact to date. There are innumerable provisions and terms introduced in this new agreement between the tribal bookmaking operators and the state of California mainly aiming to boost and improve the wagering and betting industry. The compact is expected to have numerous positive and development impact on land based and Internet gaming.

Online reports stated that the newly signed agreement has various distinct provisions in favor of the state of California and the wagering industry as a whole. The agreement highlights the protection of California bookmaking property employees as well as their loyal and avid patrons. There is also an impressive provision and term inclusive in the signed compact between the tribal bookmaking operators and the state of California. This includes the inclusion of environment protection particularly before, during and after the construction of different gaming facilities owned by Ramona Band. Protection and high regards of the environment must also be observed throughout the operations of the bookmaking property. Under this provision, the agreement states that there must be the use of ecology resort building, the utilization and preference of clean energy sources for the tribe’s reservation and observance of the right operations standards.

Through the forged agreement of the bookmaking operator and California, the wagering niche in the state is expected to boost and introduce prime gambling features. There would be a legalized and approved operation of 750 slot machines in maximum quantity with the tribe sharing 10% of its revenue to California. This shared revenue however must not be from their bookmaking earnings or substantially benefiting from the gambling operations. Moreover, it is clearly emphasized in the compact that the tribe must adhere to regular audits for its gambling operations. They must also obey public safety and other enforcement measures. The agreement is also funding programs that would alleviate the effects of gambling activities.