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New Malta Gaming and Lotteries Authority Board Disclosed

Malta released its list of its new board for the Lotteries and Gaming Authority and this announcement garnered several reactions and triggered various comments and feedback. Online bookmaking public and business operators in Malta have expressed diverse thoughts and responses from the new announcement. According to the new news from the gaming board, Parliamentary Secretary of Malta, Hon. Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis, is the one tasked to choose and appoint the new board. The new set of board members for the Lotteries and Gaming Authority immediately takes effect as of appointment. The changes in the Malta gaming board and authority are indicative of turning a new leaf for its bookmaking industry.

There are various new faces in the board including Mr. Mario Galea, appointed chairman of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority. Other members of the lot also include Dr. Rachel Tua, Dr. Chris Cilia, Ms. Ruth Trapani Galea and Mr. Caesar Grech. It is worth noting that the brand new appointments basically see Mario Galea reappointed to the top position of the Maltese bookmaking scene. Mr. Galea’s absence in the casino industry and mainstream has been for a long five year period. He is the first ever appointed CEO of the commission. His work as Lotteries and Gaming Authority CEO took place in 2004 and 2008. He made unforgettable contributions to the bookmaking industry including the launch of the Remote Gaming niche and the creation of its regulations. He also helped establish the country as the most respected and largest jurisdiction for Internet gaming in a global scale.

According to the appointing officer, Dr. Zammit Lewis, it is the aim and objective of the Maltese government to increase and strengthen the Internet gaming industry in Malta. This plan on the virtual gambling industry is to be set and applied both originally and strategically. The 18 year experience of Mr. Galea specifically in the gaming world and his work as a consultant of one of the prime gambling firms in the United States made him more than qualified for the job. The newly reappointed CEO expressed his delight for his return to the LGA.

Online Casino CyberBingo Set to Hold $500 Games for Saturdays of May

The month of May is definitely the best month for bingo aficionados according to CyberBingo online casino. This is the site to be every Saturday for the whole month of May. There would be $500 Guaranteed Game for the month of May that is expected to be a successful repeat or sequel of the same betting feature.  The successful bingo feature is set to be accessible for bingo players on the 3rd week of May.  The $500 Guaranteed Game is available at 50c per ticket which will be featured in Budget Bingo 90 Room at exactly 6 p.m. ET. CyberBingo operators guarantee that Internet bingo players would definitely love and enjoy this bookmaking feature.

There would be a CyberBingo gaming galore for all punters and bookmakers in honor of the birthday of Queen Victoria. CyberBingo is also to be celebrated with its Canadian members, punters and bookmakers hence there would be promotional games and features starting at a special $75 fee. Spring Bingo Room is another operator offering this Internet gaming feature set on the 20th of May. The good news for players is that this gaming option does not have wager requirements at all hence it is easy to take part in its basic and prime gaming features. Punters and bingo aficionados could pre-order their CyberBingo cards; winnings and earnings could be conveniently cashed out anywhere. One of the most interesting attractions of CyberBingo is its lucrative bonuses with the highest chances of winning. They also offer tournaments and bingo promotions along with regular chat specials.

A complimentary $25 is given to lucky registrants who sign up for their CyberBingo accounts for the first time. An additional $25 is guaranteed for referrals where the member refers a friend and that referral places a deposit with the online casino. It is imperative to input accurate personal contact information and details including mailing addresses. This is vital so that gamers and registered bookmaking members could receive CyberBingo surprise gifts. The CyberBingo exclusive offers for valid and registered members also include the latest updates especially in the Internet bingo and bookmaking industry.

Glu Expands to Real Money Mobile Gaming

Mobile casino gaming is definitely the trend today. In fact, the prime smartphone and tablet game developer Glu Mobile has recently announced that it will be moving further with its real money gaming venture with the help of one of the leading UK based online casino software developers, Probability. Good news is that its popular mobile slots offering Contract Killer is also included in the portfolio and began making advancements on its Glu IP casino suites on mobile.  While the mobile suite will be launched in the third quarter this year, the Contact Killer slots are now available to all players patronizing Probability games.

Glu CEO Niccolo de Masi, expressed his delight with the players’ initial support to Samurai vs. Zombies Defense slots. With this, the company sees a lot of long term and profitable opportunities being in the casino gaming market. He further explained that the firm’s business ties with Probability allows them to deliver more high end offerings to all valued players and expand to existing and potential markets all across the globe. Similarly, Charles Cohen, the Probability CEO, is proud to finally offer innovative products as a result of the perfect combination of IP’s real money mobile gambling and Glu’s expertise in social gaming.  The company is as well excited to offer more mobile games to the growing crowd. The best part above all is that players can enjoy their mobile casinos using real bets without compromising the social elements.

Probality’s White Label program will include all Glu branded mobile casino suites containing real money games. It will also contain Glu’s authentic IP. In addition to slots, there will be other casino games included like bingo, roulette and blackjack.  Contract Killer Slots is actually the second real cash offering launched under the Probability Glu Partnership. It is available through the Probability distribution network all across UK.  Its free play version was initially launched in 2011. At present, it already has a recorded downloads of 40 million. Glu also plans to expand its offerings through different networks including Probability’s White Label partners, 888, William Hill and Paddy Power.  Moreover, Glu delivers all these produces through Probability’s existing casino online licenses.

MPTN Signs Deal with GameAccount to Take Foxwood Resort Online

The legalization of online casinos in the US has gone viral. Other states are now considering the regulation of the market within its borders. However, in Connecticut, it is different. The state has not yet revealed whether it is going to take the same path or not. Nevertheless, its prime casino, the Foxwood Resort, is gearing up early at this time in anticipation of the possible regulation. In fact, it already has secured a deal with the Game Account Network to provide them the Internet based gaming system to be offered to all US players. Foxwood Resort is run by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.

However, the agreement only includes the delivery of free to play platforms. Both parties signed a deal that covers B2C and B2B components. Connecticut does not allow casinos online yet, so the new business partners will initially launch a play for fun site. The main goal is to come up with a solid player database in case the state lawmakers change their mind. Game Account will work with MPTN to provide the other Indian tribe operated casinos with turnkey gaming solutions.  According to reports, the resort’s website already has a recorded of about one million visitors every month. This simply means that there are a lot of players out there who are feeling the itch to play online through the resort’s website.

Furthermore, the gaming site to be set will be designed to give way to a smooth transition from free play to real money games. As soon as the state legislators take a U-turn and allow gambling online in the state, then Foxwood will be the first in line. MPTN believes that it is not going to take a long time before Internet casino regulation comes to the state as there are already three states that implemented such a law. While Nevada only allows web poker, Delaware and New Jersey will take all casino floor games to the virtual world. However, the blooming partnership between MPTN and Game Account is yet to be approved by the state regulatory board. Once it is finalized, the search for Internet gaming partnership will come to an end for MPTN.  The MPTN Chairman, Rodney Butler, believes that Game Account will help them put their penciled plans into reality with their shared vision.

Pennsylvania is the Next in Line for Internet Gambling Legalization

Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are the very first states to legalize interstate online casino. But realizing how lucrative the industry is, all the other states now are trying to join the ride as well. The recent one is Pennsylvania. The state lawmakers proposed to allow Internet gambling throughout the state with Representative Tina M. Davis as the prime bill sponsor. Interestingly, this issue has been going around for quite some time now. However, there have been opposing parties that cause delays to the submission of the proposal.

Rep. Davis pointed out that there is a great need to push the legalization as two of its neighboring states already have it in place. She also reiterated that the Pennsylvania casinos are now getting on top of the U.S. gambling market competition and not having its online counterpart situated properly will surely leave them behind. Davis further explained that the proposal covered the licensing, operations, and the safe and secure implementation of Internet based casinos. Operators must ensure that they run the business according to the regulatory framework.  Although the full details of the proposed bill have not been disclosed yet, reports say that the bill has undergone major changes since Davis announced that she would be introducing it.

The first draft stated that the tax rate to be collected is 45 percent of the gross gaming revenue while the licensing fee is at $16.7 million. In the new proposal, the tax rate has been reduced to 28 percent while the application for license will be at $5 million. Davis added that the State Lottery Fund and the Property Tax Relief will be the beneficiary of the proceeds.  There is an estimated 16,000 jobs to be generated and about $7 billion tax revenues. Davis ensures that this money will be under the full control of the state. However, the bill has to convince the National Governor’s Association first that is led by the state Governor Tom Corbett. According to the group, the legalization of online poker and casinos in the state is unnecessary. With this, Davis did significant changes in the previous bill to hopefully gain the support from all parties.

Cyprus in the Verge of Bankruptcy, Government sees Gaming as Its Way Out

The ailing economy of Cyprus has triggered its decision to embrace the land based and online casino technology. The island currently has laws in place that ban casino operations. However, its lifeline is about to be shortened as the government has already realized how valuable the industry can be to Cyprus’ economic recovery. Recently, Cyprus bank depositors had to lose some part of their savings as their contribution in order to meet the requirements for the Euro zone rescue package. The nation has to come up with €5.8 billion in exchange for the approval of their loan worth €10 billion from the International Monetary Fund.

Among the ideas emerging to save the economy is to allow the prime online casino and land based gambling companies to operate in the country. This proposal came from the President himself, Nicos Anastasiades. However, the Orthodox Church has expressed their opposition. By far, the only place where casinos are operating is in the northern part of the island, run by the Turkish where the Greeks have no power over.   The “uncategorized” Turkish Northern Republic of Cyrus has 20 casinos. Greek Cypriots still go to the territory to play at the casino.  Although it is allowed for now, it may eventually change once the government pushes through its plan to legalize casinos in its own territory.

Northern Cyprus President Dervis Eroglu expressed his concern over the other side’s beleaguered economy. He said that he was not pleased with the news, mainly because it would more likely delay the settlement. He calls the Southern Cyprus president as his good friend and said that the president has to spend most of his energy solving economic problems and spare less time for the negotiation process. Cyprus implemented the ban on online gaming operators in the country last year only. Surprisingly, Cyprus is now in the verge of bankruptcy in such a short period of time. With this, the government is hoping to see its online casino operations up and running in two years. The need to have these businesses back into the country is taken as an urgent matter for the island. Should this happen, it is projected that Cyprus will be getting as much as €50 million every year from taxes.

Jawfish Games Makes Major Upgrade to Mobile Gaming

An incredibly fast and smooth multiplayer gambling game is the number one requirement for online casinos. This is especially true for those who are expanding its offerings to mobile gaming. However, it can be very challenging for a game developer to achieve such considering the snail like data transfer speeds in the U.S. on mobile networks. Good news is that this will no longer be a problem as Jawfish Games has found a way to make it work without a hitch. This is perhaps among the signatures of Jawfish as there are no other app developers who can do the same as theirs.

Jawfish is a Seattle based company that brought the Match Up! game to the iTunes App Store with the help of Big Fish Games. Apple has featured the game on its App Store which impressed a lot of major game publishers, leaving them wanting to do the same, but they just couldn’t. Jawfish’s specialty is creating free casino games for mobile phones where players can play live tournaments. Jawfish allows players to play against 16 friends all at once through its Mahjong mini games, Match 3 or the app’s Word.  At present, about six million tourneys have already been created and played by hundreds and thousands of players. Every user comes back and plays in an estimated time of 35 minutes.

According to Jawfish’s CEO, Phil Gordon, the games they offer are very simple and in real time. With this, a lot of players enjoy games with live tournaments that happen all at once. Gordon claims that this is what players have been looking forward to in gambling for free on mobile.

With the success of Jawfish games, the firm decides to create their own games. This includes the Jawfish Words and Jawfish Poker that are in beta testing now. In the near future, these titles will also be accessible to devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire tab. Additionally, the firm aims to take the same games to the iOS platform under its own brand.

Gordon is himself a professional poker player. In fact, he was one of the brains together with the engineers who built the now defunct Full Tilt Poker. Before FTP was even involved with some federal law violations, it was widely popular until its operations were ceased in April 2011. Since then, the US government has ultimately changed its stance towards gambling online. Although it was found guilty, FTP went back to action last November under its former rival now turned owner Poker Stars. Meanwhile, Gordon’s team took separate paths and moved on.

Gordon explained that the technology was impossible 18 months ago. However, with the existence of 4G data on smartphones, it is easy. Gordon added that the bandwidth costs less than $20 even with more than a million tourneys, the platform runs on the Amazon Web Services. Thanks to the Cloud computing services as it made all of these a breeze unlike the technology some years ago.

Gordon is as well proud to be the very first game maker to take real time free gambling. He understands that it can be a very annoying experience to sit around and wait for a long time before the opponent makes a move. Real time is the only solution to this. However, no one has ever dared to do it – only Jawfish did.

Jawfish initially made a deal with Big Fish Games, but now it is working to become a publisher. Match Up! has brought name, fame and incredible number of fans to Big Fish. In fact, it was ranked number one in the Free Casino games category on US iPad charts following its launch. Big Fish Games’ vice president, Chris Williams, there has been exceptional engagement from players every 30 minutes. About five million tourneys were recorded in few weeks only.

Jawfish has certainly made a lot of major upgrades to free casino gambling. Players are looking forward to real money gaming, but it is unclear yet if the firm is planning to take on this path. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know that it is highly possible for real time gaming and live tourneys to be played on mobile devices without the lags and the hassles.

European Companies Show Interests in Social Gaming Firm

Online casino software developers have become more in-demand today whether it is in Europe or in the US. It only shows that this lucrative industry never stops growing and getting healthier than before. One reality social gaming maker, Face Up Entertainment, recently announced that it is in the talks with a number of European Internet gambling companies that are interested in taking their audio video enabled poker platform to jurisdictions where the real money gaming is allowed.

Face Up has long been eyeing the prime online casino market in order to leverage its Internet poker subscription platform’s profit generating capabilities. A few days ago, another social gaming developer, Zynga, also launched its real money online gaming products called the Zynga Plus Casino and the Zynga Plus Poker. This has been the long time plan of Zynga and its partner It finally went live after all the criticisms and the controversies. According to the Face Up’s CEO, Felix Elinson, the agreement between Zynga and only proves that importance of providing the online gambling industry more than just online gaming. He pointed out that even major companies have realized the value of integrating social gaming to their platforms combined with a safe environment to play with. Face Up’s poker platform was designed with this concept in mind.

Elinson also pointed out that the company is all geared up to face this challenge as a part of their long term strategic plan since day one of the company’s development three years ago. Elinson further explained that although Zynga is already considered as a well funded and well established company, his firm believes that they would be able to compete on the market with sufficient funding. Elinson describes its Internet poker platform as “robust”. Face Up Gaming is known to be a non wagering online gaming developer. It is the maker of popular games such as Backgammon and Chess and Checkers. Face Up’s proprietary platform has also been used to provide global gaming network supporting both native and cross language features. However, the company wants to remain its trademark as a responsible gaming provider and not as a gambling site. Its ultimate plan is to maintain the friendly ambiance in its gaming site where players interact with others while playing their favorite game.