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Native American Tribes to Embrace Industry

Prime online casino companies that vie for licenses in states where the business is already legal have yet to find out whether their decision to jump on the bandwagon is indeed profitable. However, the Native American tribes seem to be convinced that getting into the same venture will help them boost their business. In fact, they presently consider pooling their resources and joining forces with the rest of the tribes in order to materialize the plan.

Native American tribes are among the best operators of brick and mortar casinos in the country. They engaged in the business when the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was approved by President Reagan in 1988. The tribes have proven that there are no other groups in America that can run a successful land based casino such as theirs. To prove this, there are already about 460 gambling businesses run by 240 tribes all over the United States since 2011. These operations generate as much as $27 billion every year. However, it appears now that these tribes do not want to be left behind when it comes to gambling technology considering the fact that the market is starting to flourish in some states.

Native American tribes want to get some share of the highly lucrative gaming online industry that is projected to be worth $7.4 billion over the next five years. Not so long ago, these tribes were voicing out their concerns about how Internet gambling would hurt the business. Last year’s launching of the very first tribe operated gambling site must have changed everything. The Northern Bear Casino went live in November 2012. Its CEO was proud to announce that the casino would operate as usual and would remain under the same sovereign and constitutional rights like the first Canadian casino operated by Indian tribes in February 2012.  According to the Jacob Coin, San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians’ public affairs director, the tribe is starting to see the power behind the idea of getting into the online gambling market. He sees it as a good sign that the tribes are now starting to embrace this gaming technology.

H2 Gambling Capital Projects Global Online Casino Revenues to Reach $40 Billion

The online casino industry has once again proven that it is among the prime income generators in any jurisdiction. This has been supported by the recent report released by the H2 Gambling Capital entitled Opportunities for Game Developers in Regulated Real Money Online Gambling commissioned by Odobo.  The report suggests that the real money gaming industry gained a whopping $30 billion in revenues. Europe and the U.K. were found to be the biggest market players accounting for 54 percent of the shares. The report also projected that the U.S. may hold as much as 30 percent of the entire Internet market gambling. Its gross revenue may reach a skyrocketing $7.4 billion that will inevitably grow every year. However, the report excludes lottery and skilled based games.

The report further explains that the flocks of players who prefer playing on digital contents are the major contributors to these impressive revenues. Meanwhile, prime game makers gain royalties that range from 7 to 15 percent of the revenues generated each time its games are being played. Real money gaming customers are paying revenue generating players while those that offer casual and social games only drive revenues from a small subset of players. Game developers get thirty to forty times more revenues than those offering social games.

Internet casino game developers also generate more revenues when they engage in aggressive marketing of their games and referring new players to licensed casinos online. They earn as much as 25 to 30 percent more from the players’ lifetime value. This equates to $350 to $500 additional revenues per player.  The monthly Average Revenues Per User along with the affiliate commissions and game royalties may reach $35 or higher per player. Massive global revenues are expected to be generated with the integration of social gaming and real money online gaming sites. When combined, they can come up with as much as $40 billion by 2015 considering the fact that it already generated about $30 billion in 2012 alone.  The additional revenues on top of the royalties for developers will help them secure more funds for multi channel marketing efforts that can boost any means of monetization. Furthermore, it would help real money gambling developers obtain an economical competitive edge over developers who are not participating in this sector.

Online Casino Offers Different Games from a Number of Software Providers

Online casino prime games provider Tropezia is proud to announce that it is offering products from various software developers such as Microgaming, Leander Gaming and Sheriff Gaming. Although many of the games come from Microgaming, there are also a significant number of games from other partners. The most important thing is that players can ensure that they are getting highly selected games from these providers. This means all products they encounter at the casino online are top of its class. Tropezia has ranked the most sought after games from each developer.  For Sheriff Gaming, the most popular games are the Jack’s T-Rex, Beauty and the Nerd, Slot of Fortune and Spartania. All of these offerings come with massive bonuses and amazing rewards.

On the other hand, Leander Gaming’s prime online casino offerings at Tropezia include the Reely Roulette, Dragon Slot, Reely Poker and Jean Wealth. The Megadeth band is deemed to be the most popular to players as they get to play along with the hard core band members as the characters in the game.  Chris Broderick, Shawn Drover, Dave Ellefson and Dave Mustaine are the main symbols with their instruments and the bonus symbol Vic Rattlehead. Some of their famous songs included in the game are the Head Crusher and Hangar 1 and the Symphony of Destruction. The Megadeth online slot is definitely a big hit at Tropezia.

However, the biggest news is that the prime online casino destination Tropezia is now offering games by BestOnSoft. With this, it has become the very first casino online to integrate games without having to limit players to play on BetOnSoft games only. This simply shows that Tropezia is a destination for all enthusiasts, whether they are Microgaming, Sheriff, Leander or BetOnSoft fanatics. There are few online casinos today that offer such unlimited options. BetOnSoft games are usually found in sites that are exclusively powered by the gaming provider. The same convenience is expected like what players can get when playing at BetOnSoft exclusive casinos. All they have to do is sign up; choose their favorite provider and their games and play.

European Commission and OPAP versus the RGA and EGBA 381

The European Commission is the responsible for handling trade disputes between all members of the Union. However, it seems like the complaints are no longer directed to the members but to the Commission itself. There have been many instances that the Commission shows unfairness in its decision making. This is especially true in the issues of lack of free e-commerce as introduced by the European Union mandate. According to the world’s prime online casino and Internet gambling trade association – Remote Gambling Association, they have been complaining about the Greek government’s plan on the market monopoly by the state owned company OPAP. The RGA questioned the exclusive right of the firm to operate all online gambling activities in the jurisdictions. The RGA filed another complaint to the European Commission claiming that the new set of Greek government decrees has the concealed intention of boosting the monopoly as they plan on selling one third of the pie to the OPAP.

Clive Hawskwood, RGA’s chief executive officer emphasized that allowing this to happen will not be beneficial to the Greek consumers as they will not be able to take advantage of the competitive and regulated market. He further explained that all operators must be offered with a level playing arena all throughout the European market and that no one could ever say it was unreasonable. He also said that the Greek’s online casino prime company OPAP’s monopoly being extended and protected do have short term benefits. Greek consumers will enjoy more options and gains should the government allow remote gambling in the jurisdiction.

The RGA is appealing to the European Commission to reconsider the legal proceedings filed against the Greek government. The organization stands firm on its belief that the new edicts that allow OPAP to be the prime casino online operator in Greece will only close the market for offshore operators until 2020. This is a clear breach in the European Union laws. Another organization that works with the RGA in filing the complaint against the OPAP and Greece include the European Gaming and Betting Association. Both entities believe that the online processing system that OPAP utilizes only stops the offshore operators and other competitors from getting into the Greek online casino market.

Scientific Games and Gala Coral Undergo Expansion

Not only will Las Vegas be hailed as the gambling capital of the world when it comes to land based casinos; it is also foreseen to become the online casino prime destination. This will happen right after all the licensing and polishing of the casino online companies. Even though the Department of Justice felt that it had cleared out that sort of Internet gambling, sports betting is still legal. It is quite obvious that since the DoJ announced the big news, Nevada lawmakers have been very busy setting up its Internet wagering regulations. Basically, Nevada has the complete infrastructure needed to run online gambling, including the prominent names in the industry that are vocally expressing their interests in the business.

Many U.S and offshore prime online casino companies that left the country in 2006 are now starting to clean up their own mess in preparation for their comeback.  With all the recent changes to the Internet gambling regulations, it simply shows that America is one such jurisdiction that needs to revive its coffers. The government is apparently going after the potential gains that they think they can get from this lucrative industry.  It does make sense though as many American companies deliver their products offshore and benefit other jurisdictions instead of their homeland. The sad part is that the US government had already wasted many years, and a lot of money had already been lost that would have otherwise benefited the country.

It had been a tough time for U.S. prime casino online firms to restore their business, although many of them found a better deal in the U.K. to supply gaming companies with online casino products. It could be remembered that in 2007, the Scientific Games and Gtech were hailed by the New York Times for transforming the business of what was known to be a mobster operated underground operation into a profitable state sponsored corporate enterprise. With this, Gala Coral casino sites will be offering their players a whole new SGMS experience. All games, including the old time favorite Rainbow Riches will run on the GTS platform.  According to Mark Kemp, Gala Coral’s E gaming director, the company has a successful business relationship with SG Gaming for several years. This good outcome of the retail business now results in the further expansion of the multi channel and online businesses.

Affinity Gaming Shareholders Fight over BOD Positions

Casino prime company Affinity Gaming has come under fire with a possible proxy fight over two high ranking shareholders with clashing interests and proposals for the firm’s betterment. Both parties are aiming to make major changes in the company’s prime board of directors. Z Capital Partners is an Illinois based private equity that controls 30.5 percent of the firm. According to the firm, it intends to nominate three candidates to take the seats on the five person board. On the other hand, there was an announcement from Affinity just a week ago saying it has already talked to the Connecticut based Silver Capital which owns 24.9 percent of the company that it is proposing to expand the board to seven seats. Affinity Gaming goes on to say that Silver Capital is as well planning on nominating a majority of new directors.

According to one of the casino company’s board member and CEO David Ross, he is in no position to comment on apparent proxy battle yet. On May 14, the annual shareholder meeting will take place in Vegas. The final decision will be revealed on that very same day. The prime casino company Affinity Gaming is basically located in Las Vegas but also operates in four other states, including Missouri, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada. In Nevada alone, the firm holds six prominent casinos. To name some are the three Primm properties at the California and Nevada border and the off strip Terrible’s. The company had gone through some rather chaotic business operations way back since 2010. It has a history of bankruptcy following the Herbst Gaming reorganization.

Meanwhile, Z Capital’s CEO James Zenni plans on nominating himself to be one of the board of the directors. He also revealed he would be nominating two other senior execs from his group. Zenni has become a big name in the Affinity Gaming since last year. However, his present move is the latest one that he has taken against the board. Just about a month ago, he also filed a lawsuit against the prime company Affinity on the grounds of breaching a fiduciary responsibility. It was filed in the Clark County District Court. Before the move was initiated, Z Capital has expressed its interest in all Affinity Gaming’s outstanding shares. It could possibly be that both parties are trying to dominate the entire company and turn it into an online casino company in Vegas, especially considering the fact that it already has secured a number of properties in the state where Internet gaming is legal. Nevertheless, it remains to as a speculation.