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European Operators to Benefit from Legalized Online Casinos in New Jersey

Online casino prime providers in the United Kingdom are rejoicing about the recent approval of online gambling in the state of New Jersey. These gambling operators are now keeping their eye on the market with excitement and a positive outlook. Some of them already have a deal in place with the brick and mortar casino owners in the Atlantic City where interactive gaming will be offered from. This includes the Bwin.Party Entertainment that has an existing deal with the MGM company. Bwin.Party’s share prices relatively increased following the announcement of Governor Christie’s approval of casino online in the state that includes table and card games, poker and slots.

The agreement between the two big companies will make them the prime candidate to supply online casino games to Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel which is owned by MGM. Certainly, the market conditions are in favor of Bwin.Party. With this, its investors are all geared up to purchase stock from the company and have reinstated their buy recommendation on the group. Daniel Stewart investors’ Michael Campbell predicts that New Jersey can turn up to be a $450 million market. This is especially true if the Internet sports betting is approved and offered intrastate. Securing a position within this market could drive significant profits to prime online casino operators and technology providers. He further explained that the market should demand a high multiple for fully regulated and taxed earnings. Because NJ has now secured its online gambling regulation, the group is reinstating its buy recommendation.

Another online casino prime company also sees the state of NJ as a great venue for business expansion. According to the Morgan Stanley global finances firm, the UK based operator had its shares soar higher from 140p to 175p. Vaughn Lewis, who is an analyst from Morgan Stanley, says that casino online firms like Bwin.Party and 888 are the real big winners with a newly regulated and legalized online gambling market in New Jersey. It also led to the increase in their 2015 earnings per share forecast by 5 percent for Bwin.Party and 24 percent for 888. Lewis further explained that there will be more European operators who are going to jump in the online gambling bandwagon in New Jersey.

William Hill to Buy Online Casino Software Developer Playtech

William Hill, one of the world’s prime casino online providers, is projected to reach a market value of £5 billion in a span of five years. This is according to the company’s chief executive after he announced that it would be paying Playtech £424 million as its share of joint venture. Ralph Topping described the firm’s plan to buy 29 percent of stakes at William Hill Online as a major milestone. The plan of them getting into the online casino industry in the U.S. brightened even more when the New Jersey legislators approved the bill to permit the Internet and casino operations. Topping further explained that there was a strong support coming from shareholders for the deal with Playtech. It will be funded for a two to nine right issue at 245p thereby raising about £375 million.

According to William Hill, the deal represents about 9.3 times the adjusted earnings before the interest, depreciation, tax and amortization. On the other hand, casino online prime games developer Playtech calculates it to reach about 11.5 times. Although the deal could be beneficial to both parties, there are some troubles that have to be handled first, including the staff walkouts and the injunctions. In fact, Topping once blogged saying that it is easier to get hold of Lord Lucan than his Playtech counterpart chief exec Mor Weizer. The doubts they had regarding each other had led to the involvement of a third party arbitrator that would help them find a perfect equation to the valuing of the 29 percent stake. However, it appeared that independent assessment is unnecessary simply because each party’s valuation was close to each other.

Topping reiterated that both companies must win fairly. William Hill’s online revenues rose by 27 percent as reflected in its 2012 results. It equates to an overall increase of 12 percent. In only about seven weeks, the shares again rose by 29 percent. Topping was firm with his prediction that its prime online casino operations will reach £5 billion in five years. He also believed that there would be growth opportunities in the United States. Similarly, Playtech is eyeing the U.S. online gambling market while it continues to supply services to William Hill. Weizer also raised the possibility that Playtech would be using the proceeds that William Hill payout to acquire an online casino operator. However, it can’t be concluded for now.

Record Breaking Tourney Comes Back in March

March has just started but there are already torrents of offerings from prime casino online providers and poker rooms like Poker Stars.  The Isle of Man based has recently released its schedule for its fourth Micro Millions festival. This promotion boasts 100 events from March 14th until the 24th and guaranteed prize pool of $5 million. Aside from the Micro Millions, Poker Stars will also launch one of the most awaited tournaments called Zoom Poker. There will be two events to be featured taking place on March 14 and 17 with $75,000 and $50,000, respectively. Zoom Poker only started a year ago, but it has already gained tremendous support from poker enthusiasts.

This March, Zoom Poker will be open for tournament play. Players can still expect the Fast Fold option that allows them to move to another table with a shared pool of participants. The last three tables on the finals take participants to the standard fashioned tourney. The online casino prime provider seriously never stops giving out huge prizes to its players through a number of tourneys offered almost every month. During the debut of Zoom Poker last year, Andre Coimbra or also known as acoimbra played at the 100 Micro Millions joined the tourney and plans on doing the same this year as a part of his $100 to $100,000 bankroll challenge. He revealed that he will be playing a lot of Micro Millions tourneys in the coming weeks. What is great about this tourney is that players of all levels can join and get a chance to sit next to the prominent participants and win.

On March 24, Micro Millions will be holding the $22 Main Event where the guaranteed prize is $1 million. On the opening day, there will be a $1 3x Tubro re-buy tourney with $150,000 guarantee. There will also be Sunday Storm specials that will be giving out a guaranteed prize of $300,000. The Micro Millions prepares about ten tourneys a day to cater for players of all levels, skills and preferred formats. Players all over the globe can participate in the tourneys because the casino online prime poker room Poker Stars makes sure that the schedule suits them all. Micro Millions is hailed as the most popular tourney series ever since Poker Stars launched it. A record breaking 1,308,994 entries were achieved last November.

BetVictor Offers SNG Challenge with €50,000 Prize Pool

Online casino prime provider BetVictor has recently launched its Sit N Go Challenge. This promotion kicks off on March 1 where players are given eight chances to win a part of the €50,000 prize pool. What players have to do is to complete the challenges and be on the top of one or more of the SNG Challenge leaderboards. Of course, they have to get the highest score in order to do so. Players will need to play through a block of consecutive qualifying SNGs. To get started, players will have to log in on the poker room software where they have to get into their account, and join the SNG Challenge found on the My Account section in the lower left corner. Players will then be directed to the SNG Challenge website.

The challenge offers four buy in levels. Players can choose “less than €5,” “€5 to €9.99,” €10 to €29.99” and “€30+”. When players join the challenge, their nicknames will appear on the leader board that represents the stakes they opt to participate in. They need to complete a block of ten qualifying challenges under the same stake in order to get their very first leader board score. Players who are able to complete a third block of 10 qualifying SNGs and earned more points than the scores they got from the previous games will receive improved points on the leader boards. Players who complete the first block of 50 qualifying SNGs will see their first score on the Block of 50 leader board. This online casino prime offering features the all Euro six seat and nine seat Texas Hold ’em tables except the feeder, satellite, double up ad heads up tables.

Each of the eight leader boards offers a total prize of €6,250. According to the prime casino online company head of poker, Andy Horne, the SNG Challenge is specially designed to test players’ skills over a range of single table tournaments. Another exciting thing to look forward to in the challenge is the €50,000 that is up for grabs. All players have to do is to qualify by playing through a minimum of 10 SNG challenges. Anyone can join and test their skills and luck. There are eight leader boards waiting for the eight best players.

Mississippi Loses Potential Revenues with Legalization Rejection

Online casino legalization prime supporter Mississippi Democrat representative Bobby Moak had again introduced the bill just recently for the second time at the House Ways and Means Committee. The bill that could have legalized operations in the state for poker and casino online and established the Mississippi Lawful Internet Gaming Act of 2013 has again been rejected. This has been the hot topic for many Internet gambling forums and on sites like Online gamblers from in and out of state were very disappointed with the announcement posted on the Mississippi legislature’s website saying that the Bill HB 254 that is identical to its predecessor HB 1373 was also trashed as soon as it was introduced to the committee.

The HB 254 could have brought Internet gambling to life in the state of Mississippi. It could have allowed the state to impose the five percent tax to prime casino online operators’ gross revenues. A huge part of the collected tax could have gone to the Mississippi Gaming Commission Fund that would run programs aimed to save problem gamblers and fight against Internet gambling related crimes. The HB 254 allotted 75 percent of these taxes for these programs while the rest will go to the General State Fund.  It is sad to know though that it is no longer going to happen. The proposed bill also requires all license applicants to pay a non refundable deposit of $100,000 in order to be allowed to operate in the state. The proposed bill says that the operator would have to pay $100,000 and higher to the State General Fund every year and another $100,000 to the Mississippi Gaming Commission Fund. The renewal fees could have been set around $100,000.

Prime online casino proponent Moak explained that his reason for re-introduction of the bill is to curtail illegal gambling operations. He said that the licensing system will protect the minors from these activities and fund programs for vulnerable individuals. The bill also included means and ways to collect more revenues from taxes, generate more jobs and finance developmental projects. Moak reiterate that if the bill was passed, there would have to be a strict criteria brought in place that would ensure that the people who will facilitate the industry and all casino online operators are of good character and fitness.

Bally Technologies Prepares for Legalization

Bally Technologies has very attractive company profile as presented in . The company is known globally for its specialty in the field of gaming systems, devices and technology solutions. It designs, operates, manufactures and distributes slots machines, lottery, video slots and central determination platforms and games. Even before the prime online casino sites came to life, Bally Technologies was already up and running with its history that can be traced back to 1932. However, there has been an interesting issue going around the industry today. This is pertaining to the huge amount of money that the chief executive officer is going to spend. Now, many are asking what lies ahead for the company. The recent report says that CEO Ramesh Srinivisian purchased 25,000 BYI shares at $47.48 for a total of $1,186,900. With this, company shares have gone up by $49.188 only a week later.

According to reports, the reason behind the purchase is that the company is preparing for the upcoming legalization of casinos online in the United States. This is after the industry has learned that the Department of Justice announced that it is legal to gamble at prime online casino sites except in the case of sports betting. In September, Delaware already has its regulations in place. It will be followed then by Nevada, New Jersey and perhaps Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and possibly Hawaii. All states are gearing up for the possible launch of the for their residents. The possibility of having an interstate compact to offer these products and services is also being entertained. It appears that the Bally Technologies’ CEO is also seeing its future in the Internet gambling world. The company has already rooted out in the casino industry. Now, it seems like it is about to branch out to another venture targeting the United States.

Ropes and Gray law firm representative David O. Stewart commented that there are millions of Americans who spend as much as $4 billion every year to their prime casino online games although there have been some opposition from the government. The once draconian laws in the US had driven more responsible offshore online casino providers from the market. With this, the US government has left nothing but unregulated operators. Fortunately, everything seems to have turned upside down now. As soon as it has secured its position, Bally Technologies is ready to plunge.

Report Says Lotto is Another Culprit

has again something to watch out for as more and more problem gamblers will be seeking for their help. This is mainly because it is not only the online casino prime offerings that are linked to the rise of problem gambling. The world’s favorite Lotto is also found to be one of the culprits. This is according to the consultation document released by The Ministry of Health’s Preventing and Minimizing Gambling Harm. Although casino online and offline still top the list, lottery lands next. According to the report, there has been an increase in gambling problems since Lotto started to offer massive jackpots four years ago. Many people see Lotto as simple and affordable game of chance that comes with a very low risk of turning someone into gambling addict. Unfortunately, this is not how the organization sees it.

The report says that there have been 12 percent of clients that claim the Lotteries Commission as their main problem gambling outlet. Three years ago, it was only about 8.8 percent and rose to 11.5 percent in 2009 to 2010. The report pointed out that the increase is due to the frequently increasing large jackpot prizes and its enhanced appeal to people particularly in these times of poor economic growth. It further explained that the expansion of the Lotteries Commission offerings online has even boosted its popularity because of its convenience and accessibility in the same way that people experience with playing at prime online casino sites.

One of the biggest jackpot prizes was won in 2009 with as much as $27 million. Just about a year after, another jackpot prize was again given out with a huge $28.7 million win. A year ago, the second highest jackpot prize was revealed with a whopping $30 million. It was mainly due to the rising sales in tickets. However, there were two winners at that time. As a result, they divided the prize equally.  Additionally, the report suggests that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of individuals that claim Lotto as their main gambling outlet. From 6.5 percent in 2009 to 2009, it reached 7.3 percent from 2010 to 2011. The report does make sense though because Lotto is actually a lot cheaper than playing at casino online prime offerings. However, further studies and research should be done to support this claim.

Jailbroken Devices Not Suitable for Mobile Casinos

iPhone, iPad, smartphones and new generation mobile devices have become the prime online casino device today. This is because it takes the gambling world right at the palm of your hands. With these gadgets on hand, anyone can play at sites like wherever and whenever. However, reports say that there are about 7 million Apple users that use jailbreaking software such as Cydia to bypass the App store. Many mobile gamers may not see the repercussions of doing so, but Apple has already warned its users to avoid such methods. This is because it does not only pose harm to the device but also to the users.

Jailbreaking of Apple devices is the process of using a hardware or software to root access to the iOS operating system. This method allows the owners to download applications and extensions that are not available in the Apple’s official App store. Just recently, professional jailbreakers were able to apply the same method to the updated iOS 6 operation system. Apple highly discourages these operations. Unfortunately, millions have already using it including some casino online players. Apple explained that the iOS has been designed to be more reliable and secure. Its prime features can protect the device against viruses and malware. It also protects all personal information that is being stored in there.

Online casino prime players should do away with this upgrade. It is important that they are extremely careful with all the apps they are using. This is especially true when it is a third party app. This is mainly because the jailbroken devices that are downloaded with apps that come from unsecure sites make the device more prone to being hacked. Most mobile casino gamers keep their personal data on their phone including their bank accounts and passwords to their casino online account. All these can be accessed easily by hackers without their knowing. It is always best to choose a reputable mobile app and site to play casino at. These apps should be accessible to users without having to do the jailbreaking. Today, there are already a lot of mobile casino apps from trustworthy gaming provides such as the Jackpot City Mobile, All Slots, the Royal Vegas and many others.