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Bet365’s Weekly Online Casino Prime Gaming Bonuses

There is no other prime casino online destination better than Bet365. Every week, gamers are sure to expect just great bonuses from the casino’s games. This weekend, gamers have the chance to enjoy a 50% Reload Weekend where they can just deposit or transfer $40 or more and receive the amazing 50% Reload Bonus that may reach up to $200. They can use this on any of the amazing selection of games at Bet365.

On January 23, Bet365 is offering a 25% boost on your account’s balance just by loading or transferring £20 or more on that date. You may raise your cash balance up to £100 and use it all the games available on Bet365. Where else can you find such offers? This online casino destination allows players to fully enjoy their experience through great bonuses. Players can also enjoy Bet365’ newest game titles by using their bonuses. Do not miss the chance of spending the weekend enjoying it to its fullest. Play your favorite online casino games such as table games and video poker and over 100 slots. If you are haven’t been to casinos, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to try and experience great entertainment and win some fabulous prizes.

Gamers and first timers may play on the classic pub slot Al Murray’s Golden Game where they can get money bonuses by knocking down beers. They can also play the Crown of Egypt and set sail to the Mystical Nile. There are hundreds and hundreds of other games to choose from. You will not run out of amusing games to play, and you will have all the chances of earning cash bonuses.  You can surely continue enjoying your world class online prime casino experience at Bet365.  Playing at bet365 means you can take advantage of more than 18 new slot titles on iPhone and iPad devices for players on the go. These mobile games are optimized to work on all supported mobile handsets and a wide variety of online casino games made exclusively for tablets. Who would pass up on this chance to play the most entertaining online casino prime experience at Bet365? This is offered weekly so make sure to visit Bet365 soon.

Slot Machines to be Pulled Out?

According to the online casino and land based gaming regulators in New Jersey, they will not pull out the slot machines that are part of the “Axcess” line produced by casino prime company AC slots. The company is the only slot machine manufacturer on the East Coast and had been around since 1978, which is about the same point where casino gambling entered Atlantic City. Casinos in Atlantic City are not mandated to pull out a line of slot machines manufactured by a company that went out of business. The machines were recommended to be pulled out by Gaming Laboratories International LLC of Lakewood due to the fact that the closure of the Pleasantville based manufacturer had resulted in some regulatory and legal problems.  Aside from this, there will no longer be any people that will operate and maintain the machines considering the fact that the ownership of the machines and its other components are in question.

Though aware of GLI’s recommendation, officials of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement allowed casinos in the state to continue operating the machines. This is because their own lab testing of the machines resulted in zero operational problems. They have already informed the Press of Atlantic City to spread the news so as to clear up the issue. This would make the existence of prime casino machines in the casino until who knows when. As of today, the number of machines existing nationally is unknown. But in February, AC slots have declared that it would supply 84 machines to Revel, the newest casino in Atlantic City.

The casino may freely operate the slot machines to still provide a wide range of gambling equipment to its enthusiasts. Since there were no other problems encountered during the course of the test conducted by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the owners and gamers should not be bothered that any partiality may take place while using the slot machines. It is a sad fact though that one of the pioneers of the casino machines manufacturing industry has gone out of business. It also left 100 employees of the factory and corporate headquarters located in Pleasantville jobless. Despite the bad news, AC Slots have made a legend in the industry by being one of the best manufacturing companies of slots and other casino prime machines in the industry.

Sky Vegas Casino, Anytime and Anywhere

When it comes to mobile offerings, nothing beats Sky Vegas Casino. Just recently, this prime online casino arm of BSkyB that offers more than 200 games has just joined the mobile gambling industry. It has introduced the Sky Vegas Mobile in the U.K. for its players who want to make use of their smartphones and tablets. This new application features a sophisticated, high-end and slick platform. It utilizes the HTML-5 software.  With this, players can enjoy the game and at the same time use their Twitter account. They no longer have to switch from computer to their phones in order to play their favorite table games. They can have all the excitement of gambling and socializing at once.

Players can expect that all popular casino online offerings are present, particularly the most popular Monopoly Multiplier and Rainbow Riches video slot. There are also the old-time favorites: roulette and blackjack. According to Sky Vegas Casino, its versatility is the order of the day. All offerings will be available 24 hours a day. This means players can log on to their account and play at any time of the day. This only proves that the mobile technology and gambling industry are becoming one. Together, they will be providing users the best gambling experience possible. Sky Vegas Casino is taking advantage of the present mobile technology to bring out their best collections to the public.

Sky Vegas Casino only wants to provide nothing but the best for their players. From this day on, online casino enthusiasts will be able to play all sorts of table games even during their break time, at the pool side, while on the couch or even while in line for a show. This gives an entirely new meaning to the word convenience. Sky Vegas Casino welcomes players who want to play at any time of the day. They can ensure that they can get access to its customer support round the clock. Most importantly, Sky Vegas Casino Mobile platform works perfectly with the newest models of smartphones and tablets. Why drive down to Vegas when you can play it on in Sky Vegas?

Casino Room Getting A Lot Better

What gamblers look for in an online gambling site is the experience they can get even if they are playing at the comfort of their own home. This is what the Casino Room is all about. It is now among the world’s . This is because it offers an amazing atmosphere that makes players feel like they are inside a brick and mortar casino.  There is no need for them to go around Vegas or Reno as they can get everything in just a click away. Casino Room is undoubtedly among the prime casinos online today and it deserves a spot in the list of the best ones in the industry.

There are many games to choose from in the Casino Room. No matter what the player needs, they can surely get them all in one sitting just like reading the latest news at . Playing in the Casino Room offers the same thrill as getting the real cards being laid on the table. There is background noise that makes the atmosphere seem even more real. This is the feature that other people thought may be impossible for an online casino to emulate. However, the Casino Room perfected this aspect of the game. It is so inviting that players will get easily enticed and eventually allow themselves to indulge. In addition, it offers a free $8 bonus for new players who make their first deposit. If players just play the game right, they may end up growing their $8 money to a huge amount.

Online prime Casino Room is not only known for its amazing offerings. It is also among the best sites that offer excellent customer service. What is great about playing at the Casino Room is that you can ensure that there is someone you can speak to should you have problems with the site. There is a live chat available as well as telephone line to call if players have questions. Players can get all the answers right away. It is no wonder Casino Room is among the best in the industry today.

PokerStars and Casino Gran Madrid are up for Something Big

The decline in the brick and mortar prime casino seems to be an isolated experience. This is because one of the major Internet-based poker rooms PokerStars is actually heading on to the opposite direction by acquiring land based casino Atlantic Club in New Jersey. Not so long ago, the company also signed a deal with the Hippodrome Casino to open its branded room. A similar agreement took place with Macau’s Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex. Another deal also took place just recently with Spain’s Casino Gran Madrid. Along with the contract is the opening of PokerStars’ branded room that specialize tournaments for its online casino.

According to PokerStars’ group head of business development, Guy Templer, Casino Gran Madrid is a prime casino destination in Madrid whom the company had already worked with in some of the largest and most successful tournaments in Spain.  To be working with the leading poker provider means giving players more opportunities to try on some of the world class games with a higher level of real money gambling experience. PokerStars is known for its sophisticated poker rooms while its new partner has already scouted out the industry in Spain. This means a perfect combination of expertise, experience and high end technology.  The new venue is expected to kick off in 2013. Certainly, it will be providing players with the most amazing casino online atmosphere that they can never find anywhere else.

PokerStars has been the favorite of many poker enthusiasts. The company gets mostly positive reviews just like the No wonder it turned out to be a top notch poker brand in the industry. PokerStars has the client database and infrastructure in place. The combination of the offline and online casino prime companies is a great combination that will power the sites. Meanwhile, this new partnership is expected to accommodate more than 200 players. It is also predicted to attract about 20,000 players annually. PokerStars and Casino Gran Madrid are all geared up for something new in Spain. They are both on the leading edge of something big in the future. It is expected that the venture will accommodate more than 200 players and as much as 20,000 per year.

Spain Authorities demand Poker Players to Pay Income Tax from Old and New Winnings

It is no longer easy to be invisible today with the rising identification systems, practices and sites like those reported in . This means that even players lurking behind the scenes could not escape the eyes of the authorities. This is particularly true in Spain where all gamblers have to pay the government a portion of their winnings. Today, the Spanish authorities are demanding the prime casino players pay an income tax for their previous and current winnings. Poker Red reports revealed that players are being scrutinized through all games and tournaments they tend to join in.

The databases are now made accessible through the Hendon Mob where player’s winning and earnings can be found. The Spanish tax agency has come up with the list of casino online players like Carlos Mortensen who topped the charts with his massive 2001 WSOP Main Event winnings. According to reports, he had total earnings of $10,811,436. No wonder he is being carefully watched by the authorities. Apparently, there is much money to be taken from Mortensen alone. Other prime players on the list include Leo Margets, Jesus Cortes, Tomeu Gomila, Raul Mestre, Dragan Kostic, Juan Macera Lapido Jr., and Raul Paez Coral.

However, the PokerStars’ spokesperson Steve Day commented that the data provided to the authorities was not summarized. The calculation was basically done by the tax agency and not the PokerStars website. He reiterated that the company did not actively provide all the information to the Spanish authorities with respect to the players. What is happening in Spain now is the result of the new regulations. With the country’s economy getting sloppier, the government has turned to such coercive measures. More and more players will be under investigation. This must be expected as the top online casino players are already being scrutinized.

MX Digital Joins Forces with BHE TV

The Internet gambling industry deserves to land a spot in the . This is especially true for U.S. prime online casino companies that are selling off some portions of its shares to keep the business up and running.  Moves like this create a big impact to both the gambling and business industry. One of the leading games developers MX Digital that was established in 2008 recently announced that it has sold 50 percent of its stakes to the Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television. MX Digital now shares ownership with another company that will help them continuously provide interactive betting games and casinos to both mobile and online platforms.

MX Digital provides its wide array of products to different respectable brands in more than 20 countries. According to financial analyst Morgan-Stanley, the social gambling networks will soar by $7 billion if the upward trend is interrupted and it maintains its present trend until 2015. This major business move of MX Digital to sell its 50 percent stake to Bischoff Hervey Entertainment could mean putting the company at a better edge in order to expand in the business sector. Eric Bischoff has been in the prime entertainment industry for more than 23 years. No wonder it could take MX to a higher level where it is now.

Meanwhile, MX Gaming’s founder and director of business and development Ike McFadden also agreed that the equal ownership with BHE TV will open the opportunities to broaden their content that will enable them to gain access to the top online casino and entertainment brands a lot faster. Jason Hervey also pointed out that the joint forces will be taking both companies to the forefront of the new sector. They are excited to expand the social and mobile gaming that is projected to take the industry by storm.

Poker Machine Use in Australia goes Down

Several Australian organizations oppose to having poker machines in the country. These groups are like fighting for the environment to save the world. The only difference is that they want to save people from online casino addiction particularly from the poker machines. The government and the anti-gambling supporters are setting their eye on the use of video poker machines by its residents. They believed that the punters are spending way too much on it. However, the recent report suggests a downward trend in people engaging in this activity.

According to the Geelong Advertiser, gamblers in the city of Geelong are now spending $1 million less than they usually do each month. In addition, there is also a 10 percent decrease in the use of these prime casino machines in the first four months. From $10.45 million down to $9.52 million was spent over this form of gambling in July last year and the same month this year. This surprising downward trend seems to be felt in the entire nation. Similarly, the Roy Morgan Research found out that there is a significant reduction in the amount the gamblers spent in 2011 and 2012. In the previous year, figures show that there was $11.2 billion total while there is only $10.2 billion this year.

Moreover, the research organization’s director of tourism, travel and leisure Jane Iannielo said that the number of Aussies punting in the video poker machines has decreased from 2011’s 4.6 million to 2012’s 4.4 million. This trend has actually started in the in the past decade from December 2002’s 5.5 million. This could also be attributed to the declining popularity of some forms of gambling. However, other options like poker and casinos online are getting more accessible and popular to the residents. Meanwhile, the government’s move to take out all ATMs from clubs and pubs appear not to have any involvement in the money spent for gambling.

Schleswig-Holstein gives out 12 Operator Licenses

Schleswig-Holstein gaming authorities issued the very first poker and online casino licenses to operators. It took place despite all the criticisms they got from the European Union regulators. The first batch of SH licenses were given to 12 companies that are willing to get a fraction of the German market despite the hefty taxes. These operators include the, PokerStars, LadBrokes and Bet365. There are among the topnotch gaming providers listed at the site Their licenses will be good for six years and will allow them to cater for the Schleswig residents only.

Surprisingly, was included in the new license holders. It should be remembered that the company had been in a battle with the gaming authorities due to the drastic changes they made to their once prime casino online operator friendly licensing scheme. was among the companies that were not very happy about the collapse of the free Internet gambling regulations in August.  The EU had actually denied Schleswig’s decision to take over and implement the licensing plan over their jurisdiction.

Germany is fiercely fighting to protect the highly profitable gambling market that has been there for more than a century. Unfortunately, it does not conform to the EU laws and the operators are as well complaining over it. Nevertheless, they still decide to jump in even if it means paying a lot for the taxes. After all, they are gambling companies. Although the EU does not agree on this move,Schleswig still moved on with their regulations. This is why the Commission is now taking steps in working with the other casino online industry regulators to ensure that this matter will be solved in a smart way. In fact, the brainstorming sessions already started in Italy and the next is reported to be held in Spain. Since Schleswig has already given out the licenses, we will see what happens in the coming year.