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Paddy Power Welcomes 2013 with a Bang

The year 2012 is about to end and everyone in the Internet gambling world is quite excited about how each prime casino company is going to close the year. Players know that it has long been a tradition that huge jackpot prizes will both bid goodbye and welcome the year. This year is no different. Paddy Power Poker recently announced the Irish Open New Year’s Mega Satellite will be giving out five packages worth 3,200 Euros guaranteed. The company is apparently dedicated to providing its players the best method to end and start the year right.

According to the company’s spokesman, there is no better way to welcome 2013 than to take a shot at the Irish Open Package. Paddy Power guarantees five packages with a total worth of 16,000 Euros. This is exactly what the players need to get rid of their New Year’s hangover. This online casino offering is just in time to release all of the negativity’s of 2012. In addition, players who get a seat for the main event may qualify for the Sole Survivor Competition 60,000 Euros. Lucky players who stay in the game will be going home with a skyrocketing prize of 50,000 Euros in cash and a World Series of Poker 2013 main event buy in and the Irish Open buy in.

As early as the start of 2013, winners can already ensure a spot in two of the biggest Internet casino prime events.  There will also be weekly online qualifications for the main event that will run through the rest of the holiday season that will fall on a Sunday at 8pm. Other sites like will definitely be encouraging the players to come, join and win. Also, there are three packages that are worth 3,200 Euros in the EUR160 + 16 no-limit hold ’em freeze out. Packages to win also include the EUR395 for the 5-night stay at the Burlington Hotel plus the pocket money worth 525 Euros.

European Regulators Hold Brainstorming Sessions in France; Spain Next

Online casino prime regulators in Europe particularly from Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and the U.K. met in Paris for an informal meeting last December 11 and 12. These industry key players talked about matters pertaining to Internet wagering in the European jurisdictions. According to the French Regulatory Authority, the purpose of the talk was primarily to illuminate the European and the national perspectives of the online gambling industry. It was because there was a consensus that there will be a greater risk in security with these activities.

Good news though that almost all participants have agreed that there must be unification of frameworks and enhanced communication so that the industry will be successfully regulated and that the sites like should be supported. Although all prime operators agreed that there is really an increased risk, they took it as a sign that something must be done to at least minimize it. As a result, they resorted to coming up with an agreement that they have to optimize exchanges. They believed that it is not impossible to do. Doing so will allow them to run the European online casino industry in such a way that it will benefit the majority.

This informal discussion opened the opportunity for the other regulatory bodies to bring up their concerns. Among the targets were the other regulatory agencies that came up with their own framework that obviously did not comply with the EU laws. ARJEL, the French regulator ensured that the contributions from the German delegates as well as the UK Gambling Commission were also accommodated and acknowledged. Problems were tackled like France’s casino online regulators that taxed the licensed operators too much, which eventually led to their exit leaving ARJEL with lessened revenues. In addition to this is Germany’s Interstate treaty involving Internet gambling that operators find unreasonable.  Although there has been no final plan yet, these regulators agreed to continue their brainstorming sessions that will be held next in Spain.