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Critics Worry About Prime Minister Decision

According to news sources similar to , the decision that the Prime Minister has made has many concerned with the addition of crime to the area. The PM is looking to bring in a convention center for slot machines and in doing so has angered his opposition greatly. They say that there are so many issues as of right now with the amount of gambling addiction in the country that to offer it and to try and push it through it “feeding an engine of crime” and shows how little regard there is for the people of the country.

Denise Roche of the Green Party said that the deal that the PM has entered into where Sky Vegas will be bringing in more slots games will only make crime and gambling addiction worse. Roche says that there is no real up side to the idea of bringing in more gambling in a nation that is already swimming with addiction. She thinks that the PM has not really thought about the ill effects that this will bring in and that if they move forward with it that it will end in disaster for all of them.

There are those that argue that allowing citizens to continue maintaining accounts or connections with sites like will only keep them from getting anywhere in terms of cracking down on the addictions that are thwarting them now. She feels that Prime Minister John Key has just not done anything that would have them think that he is really considering the ramifications of the addition.

Trying to Crack Down on Gambling

It has been difficult for Australia to find their way in the online gambling arena. They are a prime example of what you do not want to do for the most part when it comes to gambling. First they had too many slot machines so they ended up with a larger amount of addicts than most any other country and needed things like to help them out. Then they wanted to crack down on online casino gambling so they made it illegal to offer it in the country, but did not make the playing of it illegal – so everyone simply goes overseas to get their fix. All of those offshore casinos love it because they don’t pay any taxes to the government and yet they get to offer their gambling to their citizens.

But there are some that think that they are simply going about it wrong. They cite the example that if there was one centralized agency handling the slots and the online casinos that perhaps they could keep tabs on who was doing what and limitations could be placed on them. They think that by having some sort of localized database that they could see who was in trouble and that this would help a lot of their citizens that needed it, and allowed those without a problem to gamble freely.

This is a great idea, but detractors say that such a list would be impossible to compile and maintain and that it is simply their way of getting the online casinos legalized in the country. They argue that elimination is the best way to go and do not want to see the legalization occur.