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WMS Industries Acquires Jadestone

We have often talked about how well many of these online casino companies, in their prime, will work to bring about pairings up that will benefit both them and others in the industry. It is no secret that many of these companies simply do it because it will make more money for them, but it is also a side perk for the players that it ends up benefiting them as well. This is something to be learned from as those partnerships that do not really benefit the players do not often end up lasting as they did not take into consideration those that they were serving when they made the deal.

But with WMS Industries, Inc.’s new deal with Jadestone – a leading developer, distributor and publisher of online gambling content – the deal seemed too good to be true for many. Now you won’t see a deal like this being advertised or reported on by , but you can bet that it is newsworthy all the same. This deal will expand both of the companies so that they will be mutually beneficial to both parties. The terms of the deal were not released but it was reported that the deal will be funded from cash on hand.

Jadestone is already considered one of the bet B2B platform integrators and online game publishers, so this move will only prove to be beneficial to them as they will be able to expand their reach through the teaming up of the two companies. WMS is thrilled as they feel that the management team at the company is going to end up bringing much to the “expertise and technology solutions” that make WMS such a strong company.

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Often you hear people saying that if they want information on a specific topic they will just go to and look it up. Now, while this can be a great site to check out, and it will give you a list of places to check out for information, it is also wise to try and find a great online casino site out there that will offer you prime casino news on a regular basis so that you do not have to continuously keep looking for the latest information out there. Now, there are plenty of sites out there that you can go to in order to get that information, but one of the ones that we like is .

This site has all the latest news and it is updated regularly which is nice. Sometimes you will find a site that is not updated on a regular basis and that is tough to follow as there are things going on out there that you might not be aware of, and if this site is not giving them to you then you are back to searching elsewhere for your prime news. But this site seems to have a pretty good handle on updating on a regular basis, and that makes it nice for players to know that they can count on it to give them the news that they are looking for.

If you go to this site and it does not float your boat, you can always look into other options for news as well, but make sure that you choose one or two and follow them. This way they will give you the most updated info and you won’t have to continuously search the web to try and find out what you are missing.