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Does Location Matter?

When it comes to gambling, the question is: Does location matter? Or do people play the same no matter where they are? If you allow online casino gambling, will people bet more than they will if they have to go to a casino? Due to the fact that there is the huge idea of convenience – the answer to that last one is probably yes. This is the concern that many have with making online casinos legal in that it will beget a whole line of online addicts.

When you look at news sources like you will see, for the most part, an unbiased view of the online casino industry, but when you look at it from a more slanted view – then you are dealing with misinformation that then has to be dealt with on an ongoing basis. Prime Minister John Key is now dealing with his own misinformation campaign, where he is attempting to add on a new $350 million convention center atAuckland’sSkyCity and is not getting much support for it. See SkyCity is willing to build the convention center but they want the gambling laws to be changed in exchange for it.

They have agreed to pay the full cost for the center, but they want the government to increase the number of gaming tables and slot machines that they are allowed to bring in, and they want a longer license. Key said that they are not actually bringing in more machines, but that the locations of those machines is changing as they are moving out of pubs and into the center instead.