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Follow the Money Trail

When it comes to most of our Congressmen and the legalization of , if there is enough money in it for them it will happen – otherwise it won’t. There are entirely too many people out there that are willing to listen to what their funders are saying as opposed to the people who elected them. Time and time again, if you are wondering why someone voted the way that they did all you have to do is follow the money. Look to see who benefited from the bill that was or was not passed and you will usually be able to see who our elected officials are being funded by. If you want online gaming to be legal, you simply need to put enough money in the coffers of our Congressmen and it will happen.

The days of most elected officials voting the way that their constituents want them to are over for the most part. Instead, votes are bought with the latest fund raiser and before they even get into office they know how  they are going to vote on specific issues as it has been laid out for them. And forget about getting in there and voting how you want, because you have your re-election campaign to think about.

There are the exceptions to the rule. Rep. Barney Frank and Rep. Ron Paul are both pushing for the legalization of online casino gambling, and they are not being funded by anyone to get that vote passed. The thing is that they are working hard to get it passed because the people who elected them want Internet gambling legalized. Sounds crazy, but every now and then someone actually listens to their citizens.